Try our New Bacon Scented Air Filter! Make Your Home Smell Like Glorious Bacon All Day Long.

In response to our love of bacon, and International Bacon Day which is September 2nd, we’ve launched a new product that we know homeowners of every kind will love: A bacon scented air filter. This bacon scented air filter is for a limited time only. If you love bacon, you’ll love the bacon scented air filter that can last up to 3 months. The fresh bacon scent will travel through your home’s indoor air removing dust, debris, lint, pollen all while keeping your home fresh with the amazing smell of bacon. Try one for your home today! You won’t regret it.

Currently we’re only selling the bacon scented air filter in the common 16x25x1 size. More sizes to come! Buy Now!

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Airx Bacon Scented Air Filter
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Airx Bacon Scented Air Filter

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