Top Reasons You Should Wash Your Laundry With Filtered Water

Top Reasons You Should Wash Your Laundry With Filtered Water

You may have heard of the benefits of drinking filtered water. But, have you ever considered using filtered water to wash laundry?

Filtered water is also called purified water. This water has been stripped of impurities and contamination. Drinking water free of contaminants can help eliminate illness and aid in better digestion. And when it comes to clean laundry, filtered water can help keep your clothing in top form, save money, and avoid contamination.

Read on to learn how clean water can lead to cleaner laundry. 

What Is Filtered Water? 

You may think of filtered water as clean, pure, or healthy. But, what do you know about the benefits of filtered water? What makes filtered water the preferred choice?

Filtered water is a type of cleansing process that removes chemicals, contamination, dirt, and other impurities. The process involves using a filter and passing the water through it in order to make the water pure.

Besides the water in your glass, filtered water can flow to other parts of your home, like the laundry room. Let’s explore the benefits of using filtered for laundry.

Avoid Chlorine Contamination  

Have you ever experienced skin or hair sensitivity from chlorine pool water? Chlorine may be present in the water supply in your home. That’s because many regional water suppliers pump unfiltered water with low levels of chlorine into homes.

That unfiltered water may include traces of chlorine or other harmful chemicals. Chlorine causes bleaching and fading. Keep your clothing and family’s health safe by investing in filters to clean your water and turn the supply chlorine-free.   

Maintain Clothing Quality 

How often do you wash your clothes? Some laundry washing advice will recommend frequency is best to keep clothing stain and dirt free. While other best practices promote less washing to maintain fibers and clothing fit.

But besides the frequency of washing, consider the water quality! Filtered water is free of dirt, contamination, and other chemicals that could damage your clothing. While the damages won’t be instant, over time, unfiltered water can slowly fade or break down the color and fit of your clothing.

For example, after weeks or months of washing a colorful dress in unfiltered water, you may notice fading or stretching. Protect your clothing investments and avoid buying replacement clothes with frequency. Filtered water is essential in your washing process.  

Protect Delicate Fabrics 

You may need to pay attention to special or delicate fabrics in your wash. Besides clothing, other items like linen curtains or cotton bath towels may sometimes end up in the wash. The chemicals and impurities in unfiltered water can slowly eat away at these delicate fibers.

Over time, you may notice small rips, or wear and tear. These water filters are essential for providing filtered water for your entire home via a whole house water filter system. With just a filter change, you can start using purified water to protect clothing and special fabrics. 

Get Cleaner Clothes 

The best clothes washing tips center on clean and fresh-smelling clothing. After all, your kids’ sweaty sports uniforms need extra cleaning and care! Unfiltered water that contains particles of dirt, chlorine, and other contaminants can cause the water droplets to struggle in penetrating the fabric.

Oppositely, filtered water can more easily adhere to and penetrate the fabric. This allows the water with detergent or softener to stick to your clothing and get into the fabric weaves and groves.

In the end, this penetration leads to more deeply rinsed and cleaner clothes.

Protect Sensitive Skin 

If you or someone in your family has sensitive skin, you already work hard when it comes to cleaning your clothes. You may shop for special detergents for sensitive skin. These products can cost money and be a hassle to find.

Or, perhaps you just need to wash with delicate detergents to clean your baby or toddler’s clothes. Unfiltered water can counter these efforts.

Water filled with chemicals and impurities can further irritate sensitive skin. That’s because water debris, particles, or dirt may be left on clothing long after the rinse cycle completes.

Filtered water is pure, clean, and free of these toxins. This allows your special detergent or gentle wash to do its magic. Therefore, you can rest easy that those with sensitive skin won’t feel irritated or inflamed. 

Save Money on Detergent 

How much money do you spend per year on laundry detergent? Depending on the frequency of your washing cycles and family members, it may not be uncommon to see your machines spinning every day. That’s costing you money for each load of detergent.

And, don’t forget about the amount of energy washing laundry takes! If cleaning your clothes with unfiltered water, you need to account for chemicals, toxins, and chlorine. These materials can leave your clothes feeling uncleaned and may require another rinse cycle.

However, filtered water is free of these impurities. And because filtered water makes penetration easier, you can use less detergent to make an impact.

Wash Laundry With Filtered Water and Feel the Difference 

How should you wash laundry? Introduce filtered water into your laundry cleaning routine! Filtered water has multiple health and monetary benefits.

Remember that unfiltered water isn’t necessarily dangerous. But, over time it can break down the fibers in your clothing and cause fading. In turn, this will cost money to replace those clothes.

Avoid the hassle and the extra expense by investing in a water filtration system for your home. Once you find a whole house water system, make sure you get a great deal on replacement water filters with us.

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