Top 7 Health Trends of 2016

With the New Year everyone thinks about what steps and changes in their life they can make to make their lives heathier. These resolutions can look like anything from eating less fast food to getting in shape to running a marathon in the fall. At Discount Filters we know how important it is to drink plenty of clean water and take care of your body. We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 health trends from the food we prepare to workouts that strengthen to people to taking more time for themselves in the New Year.

  1. Going Back to Your Roots– A growing trend becoming more popular in 2016 is preparing and eating different foods that follow your ancestry back many years. This includes using ingredients and processes they would’ve used to prepare these dishes. Many people believe this process will give them a greater insight and connection into their heritage. Making these recipes also helps to eliminate processed food from your diet. These recipes are a good place to start!

  1. Long Term Substitutes– Many people are being more conscientious of what goes into their bodies, how it makes them feel and the long term effects on themselves and the environment. This is including substitutions in recipes for things such as dairy, meat, and processed foods in their daily meals. Popular substitutions for dairy include things like almond or coconut milk. People are looking toward other protein packed foods like grains, seeds, tofu, and beans as a healthier alternative to meat in daily lives. Find your favorite recipes here made with meatless substitutes.

  1. Known Origins– We have all heard of farm to table restaurants and lifestyles that lets us paint a picture and understand where our food has been and how fresh it is when it gets to us. For consumers this knowledge is becoming increasingly more important. For 2016 people are wanting to know the background and story of the food they are consuming, this food need not be direct from the farm but even for packaged or shelf foods and beverages. People want to know the story or the inspiration for their foods and where the main ingredients were sourced from. An example of this unique storytelling can be found in craft foods and distilleries where the impact and the stories are more unique and personal.

  1. Natural Snacks- The trend is changing from the traditional mental picture of snacks which include salty potato chips and Little Debbie snack cakes to a healthier natural snack that many people are making themselves to satisfy the need for nutritious and savory. It is also important to remember to replace soft drinks with clean water to aid these efforts. These satisfying alternatives people are turning to are filled with protein to provide energy and keep you feeling fuller longer. Try some of these great ideas from Rachel Ray!

  1. Sea Vegetables- These vegetables are not only nutritionally dense but also provide amazing benefits for your skin. This growing trend can be grown sustainably with minimal impact on the environment. By using sea vegetables in your cooking you are giving yourself a meal low in calories and almost fat free while being rich in minerals. They have also been good for your thyroid health and aiding in weight control. The most common sea vegetables are arame, nori, Kombu, wakame, hikiki, dulse, agar, and kelp. These foods are naturally salty and can be a good substitute for the salt you add naturally in your diet. Here are some ideas for introducing these fun vegetables into your favorite recipes for a nutritious kick!

  1. Meditation- In 2015 a trend that continued to grow was the increase in people practicing yoga and using it as a way to calm the mind and body. This practice has evolved into the rise of meditation throughout the United States. Meditation can help put your hectic busy life in balance through focus and relaxation. Check out this website to learn the basics of mediation.

  1. The Rise of Intense Workout Gyms and Regimens- On the opposite side of meditation we have the intense workout sensations like CrossFit and Pure Barre that have only grown to be more popular in the New Year. To add more benefits to these classes and programs many gyms are adding nutritionist to help you reach your fitness goals by eating healthier. Check out this whole body challenge from Barre3

Many people have different goals and plans for the New Year and whatever health trend or resolution you participate in we at Discount Filters want to be there with you, providing you clean and refreshing filtered water every step of the way.

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