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The Top 10 Best Air Purifier Options for Your Home

Did you know that the air inside your home can be two to five times more polluted than what’s outside?

And by “polluted”, we don’t only mean dirt, dust, and debris. We’re also talking about many other allergens, including mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and even toxic gases!

Now, consider the fact that on average, people stay indoors about 90% of the time. That translates to lengthy exposure to potential health-damaging air!

All these should make you more concerned about your home’s indoor air quality. They should prompt you to find the best air purifier ASAP.

But with so many products out there claiming to be the best air purifiers and filters, how do you make certain you invest in the right one?

That’s what we’ll show you today.

Take a look at this list of the 10 best purifiers and filters for your home’s indoor air!

Why Purify the Air?

Before we discuss the top-ranking pollution/contamination control products, it pays to know how dangerous poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is. This’ll help you understand what distinguishes the best purifiers/filters from the rest.

On a global scale, 92% of the entire population live somewhere with air quality exceeding that of the World Health Organization’s “air quality guidelines.” In other words, air pollution danger zones.

Indeed, the majority of these hotspots are in South East Asia and Western Pacific. But this doesn’t make the U.S. 100% safe.

In fact, health experts regard indoor air pollution as one of the top public health environmental risks.

Exposure to poor IAQ can result in both immediate and long-term health effects. It’s scary to think that simple eye, nose, and/or throat irritation can lead to chronic respiratory diseases and even cancer. But constant exposure to bad IAQ can do that to you and your loved ones.

This should be enough reason for you to start your hunt for the best home air purifier.

What Makes for the Best Air Purifier?

To ensure you invest in the right air purifier for you and your loved ones, you need to consider five crucial factors. These include the following:


This refers to the size of the space the purifier can filter the air of five times within an hour. It’s also known as the “air changes per hour”, or ACH.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

This is an industry-standard metric that measures air purifiers based on their ability to get rid of dust, debris, smoke, and pollen. Choose a unit with at least a CADR rating of 100.

Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) Rating

You’ll find that majority of air purifiers have a default ACH rating of 5x the advertised coverage area (sq. ft). This can still vary though, so it’s important you read the fine print to be sure.


When purchasing an air purifier, it’s best you go with one featuring a pre-filter. This is an integral component of the system, since it adds an additional filtering layer and protects the primary HEPA filter.

You should also check for other features, such as if they can absorb bad odors and smoke. Some of the best air filters come coated with materials like activated carbon.

Types of Pollutants

An air purifier can only be as good as the types of pollutants it can remove from your home’s indoor air. As such, you want your choice to have the power to get rid of the following:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Lead
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Ozone emissions (ground-level ozone)
  • Particulate matter
  • Sulfur dioxide

Now that you know what makes the best air purifiers the best, let’s take a look at the top 10 you should consider!

1. 3M Filterete FAP03 Ultra Clean Air Purifier

With its 3-in-1 functionality, the 3M Filtrete FAP03 Ultra Clean Air Purifier offers 99.9% purifying effectiveness. Boasting of an innovative electret filter media, you can rest assure it’ll capture even the smallest of unwanted particles.

From dust mites to mold spores to smoke, this system can catch them all.

Its coverage allows it to work great in rooms measuring up to 34 sq. ft. Keep in mind that its filter requires replacement at least every three months (or more, depending on use and your home’s IAQ).

2. Bionaire LC1060 HEPA Air Cleaner

Want a portable yet noiseless air purifier? Then the Bionaire LC1060 HEPA Air Cleaner is a great choice. Its filtration system eliminates dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores, boosting your home’s IAQ! Plus, it traps tobacco smoke and other bad odors, allowing you to enjoy clean-smelling air at all times.

The LC1060 model features a five-stage filtering system. Its HEPA filter removes as much as 99.7% of particles in the air, including those as minute as 0.3 microns. It also comes with an ionizer that further improves particle removal effectiveness.

Best of all, it makes filter replacement a breeze. You’ll know when to replace the filter through the machine’s display monitor.

3. Bryant Perfect Air(TM) Purifiers

With a Bryant Perfect Air(TM) Purifier, you can say goodbye to airborne bacteria, viruses, and common allergens including mold spores.

It boasts of a filtration efficiency rating of MERV 15, together with advanced pathogen-killing technology. Both these features will help you combat the health effects of poor IAQ.

To top it all off, these Perfect Air models require no cleaning at all. All you need to do is replace the specific media cartridge as directed (or as often as needed).

4. Carrier Infinity Performance Air Purifiers

Featuring Carrier’s patent Capture and Kills(TM) technology, the Infinity Performance models catch up to 99% of airborne bacteria, viruses, and germs. It can even filter out mold spores, animal dander, and pollen most likely triggering asthma attacks and allergies amongst your loved ones.

Its electrically-charged proprietary paper-based filter eliminates germs and molds upon contact. It also has the power to capture as much as 95% of particles with a micron size of anywhere between 0.3 and 1.

Best of all, independent testing found Carrier’s Infinity air purifiers’ effectiveness in killing 13 common pathogens.

5. Kenmore Portable Air Purifiers

Kenmore portable air purifiers have the power to get rid of up to 99.97% of airborne allergens. Its filtration technology also helps remove foul odors from your home’s indoor air.

These models’ sleek and portable design allows them to work great in rooms measuring up to 317 sq. ft. You don’t have to worry about noise too, with the units producing sounds less 29dB.

All air purifiers from Kenmore boast of industry-grade HEPA filters. They also have a pre-filter change indicator, making it easy for you to know when to replace the filter.

These Kenmore purifiers also come with ENERGY STAR certification, which means great power for less energy.

6. Hamilton Beach 04371 Portable Air Purifier

Considered one of the best air filter systems, the Hamilton Beach 04371 model offers powerful purifying functionalities yet quiet operation.

It filters dust, dust mites, pollen, animal dander, and mold spores, making the air in your home safer to breathe. It also traps smoke and other bad odors, further boosting indoor air quality.

The system can filter rooms measuring up to 110 sq. ft. At the very least though, make sure you replace the filter after 3 months (or sooner if you have the unit running for the most part of the day).

7. Holmes Portable Air Purifiers

Holmes is well-known for its aer1(R) Systems, boasting of 99% HEPA type filter technology. This allows the purifiers to remove pollutants including those as tiny as 2 microns.

Its 99.97% True HEPA technology also eliminates the most common contaminants, including dust, animal dander, pollen, and molds. This is a great addition to your home’s safety arsenal, especially if you or anyone in the family suffers from allergies.

The carbon filter further takes odor elimination to the next level, letting you enjoy smoke-and odor-free air at home.

8. Honeywell Portable Air Purifiers

Honeywell portable air purifiers feature a HEPA filter capable of eliminating up to 99.97% of particulate matters contaminating your home’s indoor air. They’re quite powerful, trapping allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

You may want to check the models that come with the Germ Reduction technology. This get rids of 99.97% household contaminants and pollutants, while also removing foul odors.

9. Hunter HEPAtech Air Purifiers

Boasting of a three-stage filtration system, the Hunter HEPAtech air purifiers offer superior purifying performance.

The first stage involves the carbon prefilter trapping smoke and bad odors. It can last up to 1,400 hours, or roughly two months.

The second stage is where the HEPAtech filter comes into play. This captures pollutants including dust, pollen, animal dander, and molds. This lasts longer, with a lifespan of up to four months.

Lastly, we have the optional ionizer. This gives the uncaught particles a negative charge, which then makes their entrapment easier on the next purifying cycle.

10. Whirlpool AP25030K Air Purifier

Need air purification for a room measuring up to 320 sq. ft.? Consider investing in the Energy Star-certified Whirlpool Whispure 250 Air Purifier then.

It features a three-stage filtration system, starting from the outside grill, then the carbon filter, and finally the HEPA filter. Its CADR ratings for dander, dust, pollen, and smoke go beyond a 200 rating, making it a great choice for your home.

Ready to Make Your Home’s Indoor Air Cleaner and Safer?

Then make sure you consider one of these top 10 best air purifier systems in the market. With these installed in your home, you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t inhaling air more polluted than what’s outside.

We carry a number of wonderful air purifiers and replacement purifier filters at reasonable prices.

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