Tips for Planting Trees

Tips for planting trees_ DFLooking out into your front yard and seeing the blossoming trees in the spring time and thinking about Arbor Day might have you start thinking about when they were first planted and how long ago that was. I know that when I moved into my house the trees were already planted outside and I didn’t have to know any of the tree basics. I started thinking about planting some more though to increase some shade in the back of my house when I realized that I didn’t know much about planting trees. Since then I have compiled some fun and helpful tips and advice for planting trees that you need to read.

  • When is the best time to plant trees?

    • Newly planted trees do best when they’ve had time to acclimate to their new environment before harsh weather hits. The harsh weather that I’m describing is the full blown effects of winter or summer. Making the best times to plant trees in the spring and early fall. This can sometimes be affected by what type of tree you are thinking about planting. Make sure that you try to avoid really dry, sunny, and windy days specifically in the season when planting.

  • How deep do I have to plant the tree?

    • The first step before you start digging is to call your local utility company to make sure that the area you plant in doesn’t have any lines under it that the roots could end up disturbing. Take notice of the size of the roots of the tree that you are wanting to plant, known as the rootball. Mark an area 3 times as big as the rootball to assure that the tree will have proper space to grow. Depending on your soil dig between 2-4 inches shallower than the rootball or dig a depth that is equal to the rootball (clay versus sandy soil).

  • How can I predict the size of the tree?

    • The size of the tree will depend on past history of the tree. Before you purchase a new tree to plant you should do research on the typical size and what kind of environment it will thrive in. Palm trees in Michigan… Probably not as healthy as palm trees in Florida. Be sure wherever you plant your tree in your lawn that you give it plenty of space around your house or other areas like your drive way so the roots don’t have the opportunity to spread and cause any damage.

  • How much should I water a new tree?

    • This depends on the soil and not the calendar. Check the soil and if it is dry water the tree, but don’t use a hard pressure – think natural rainwater. If the soil is moist check on it the next day and see if it can use more water. Over watering is a serious issue because it can cause the roots to suffocate. The excess water removes and pushes the air from the roots. Watering your new tree in the fall is especially important. The stress that a tree receives in the winter can be offset some by the watering that happened in the fall. Trees are just like humans and all other life forms and need water to survive. There are trees that need less water (evergreens) and some that need more.

  • Benefits from planting trees

    • There are many benefits that can come from planting trees in your own yard! The first one is that the world can never have too many trees. By adding to the amount of trees in the world you are helping eliminate the CO2 in the air. The second is that it provides shade for your lawn to protect it from some of the most intense summer heat and allows you a place to sit outside and enjoy nature on the hot days. Speaking of nature, an increase of trees supports the wildlife in your area. Whether it be more squirrels to watch chase each other or more birds to see soaring through the sky. Finally, trees can help you collect more compost and encourage it to be more naturally fertilizing with the leaves that you add to your pile from the trees.

Do your careful research before buying or planting a tree and remember that there are many great benefits to adding trees into your landscapes. They just need to get off on the right foot. Also, you might find it useful to consult your local hometown landscaper for more advice. The landscapers have probably been working in the area for years and know exactly which kind of trees thrive in your specific zone in the U.S. they can also give you some extra tree planting tips! Don’t forget to share any of your planting tips with Discount Filters and check out our huge selection of Discount refrigerator water filters like the adq36006101 so that you can re-hydrate after your tree is planted with clean refreshing water.



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