Thermostat to Save Energy

5 Ways a Thermostat Can Save You Money and Energy

Likely, you already know that using a well-working thermostat helps you keep tabs on the energy you’re using, all while keeping you comfortable. But how else can you use a thermostat to make sure you’re using less energy and spending less on energy bills? Location, setback thermostats, lowering temps, improving your HVAC system, and setting up your thermostat wirelessly: here are a few ways to ensure your thermostat is working to your best benefit.

Thermostat to Save Energy

1. Use A Setback/Digital Thermostat

A setback thermostat allows you to program your thermostat on schedule to ensure you’re only using energy when you’re at the house. When you leave the house for vacation, you know to raise your thermostat. You can apply that same concept when you leave for work each morning or when you’re sleeping.

2. Location Matters

Where you place your thermostat matters, because sunlight and air movement can cause the thermostat to read inconsistent temperatures in your house. Behind couches, near windows—avoid these places to ensure that your digital thermostat is getting the right reading, which lowers your final bill.

3. Set Higher Temps When You’re Asleep

When you do use a setback thermostat, you’re able to control the temperature based on time-of-the-day. When you’re asleep—during warm weather—you don’t need to keep your home as cool as usual. Even a few degrees of difference can lower your bill month-to-month. Just turn up the temperature a few degrees each evening and save each month.

4. HVAC System Help

Making sure your HVAC and furnace system is up to speed helps your thermostat reduce energy use. If you haven’t replaced filters or performed other important maintenance, your HVAC system is likely working harder than it needs to. Your thermostat will be taking incorrect readings and won’t help your system run the way it could.

5. WIFI Control

At some point, you might forget to lower your thermostat when you’re away from your home. But new thermostats can be controlled from WIFI, and even if you’re away from the house, you’ll still be able to access your thermostat and lower or raise temperatures when you aren’t home. Look for smartphone apps that can also let you change the temps with a simple slide of your finger.

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