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The Future of Refrigerator Technology is Here

Have you ever been at the grocery store and can’t remember how much milk you have left in your refrigerator back home? What do you do? Should you buy more milk and risk having two full gallons or do you not buy it, only to find you have none left at home? Well, thanks to Samsung you will never have to deal with this frustrating dilemma again!
Refrigerator DoorEarlier this year, Samsung introduced the next latest and greatest thing in refrigerator technology: the Family Hub Refrigerator.

This French-door refrigerator comes equipped with many smart features that are supposed to make life easier for all of us. Now doesn’t that sound nice? Well for a whopping $5,800, you can have this smart refrigerator in your home.

The Family Hub is equipped with a 21.5-inch wifi enabled touchscreen on the front door. Some of the great features include: real-time cameras that allow you to see what is in your refrigerator from anywhere using your smartphone, ability to play music, pull up recipes, check the weather, and watch TV. The Family Hub has many apps on it, including the Groceries by MasterCard app. This app lets you order groceries right from your refrigerator that are then delivered to your home.

Say goodbye to hanging up pictures with a magnet because this refrigerator allows you to display pictures digitally. The family message center lets you use the Sticki and Whiteboard apps to leave notes for your family and even sync up your shared family calendar using your smartphone. These are only a few of the fourteen apps that come with the refrigerator.

The Samsung Family Hub has many great new features, but is it really worth it? Many reviews say the real-time cameras have a poor picture quality. If your refrigerator is full, camera visibility is limited. Another downside is that you can’t add any additional apps or remove ones that come with the refrigerator. There were several reports of the touch screen being slow and inaccurate. Also, most people don’t have $5,800 to spend on a refrigerator.

So, what do you think? Is the Samsung Family Hub worth it or will you be waiting a few more years before buying a smart refrigerator? Let us know in the comments below!



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