The Consequences of Not Maintaining Your Homes Air Filters

The Consequences of Not Maintaining Your Homes Air Filters

Have you noticed your energy bill slowly creeping up throughout the past several months? Do you walk into your home and smell stale, unpleasant air? 

You may need to replace the air filter in your HVAC unit. 

Dirty, clogged air filters cause various problems, from obnoxiously high energy bills to malfunctioning HVAC systems to unhealthy air. Yet air filters are something most homeowners forget about until something goes wrong, be it in your HVAC system or your lungs. 

Keep reading to learn about all of the things that happen when you neglect basic air filter maintenance. 

High Energy Bills

You know it’s time to buy air filters when you recognize high energy bills. When dust and debris clog your air filters, your HVAC system has to work twice as hard to maintain climate control. 

Imagine your HVAC system attempting to pump perfectly chilled or warmed air through the filter, which catches the air impurities. But the filter is covered with a blanket of thick dust. The fans have to work twice as long and hard to pump air through the filters until your thermostat reads the desired temperature. 

If you’re experiencing high energy bills, the experts will give you this air filter advice: check your filter. You can save as much as five to fifteen percent on your energy bill using a clean filter. 

Lower Air Quality

As you begin to search for air filters, look for the air filters that will improve your air quality. Some do a better job than others. 

If you do not change your air filter regularly, you will have poor air quality. Your air filter should remove harmful contaminants from your air like pollen, dust, and mold

When you have a dirty air filter, it cannot efficiently and adequately remove those contaminants. Thus, the pollen, dust, and mold will circulate throughout your home. 

Think of it as trying to make a fresh pot of coffee using yesterday’s coffee filter. The old grinds will clog up your coffee maker and the coffee produced will have some serious taste issues.

Moisture and Mold Contamination

High MERV rated air filters will catch allergens and mold spores that make people sick. The ideal MERV rating to look for is MERV 13. Utilizing these filters is one thing, but if you do not change your filters regularly, you might end up with unnecessarily high moisture levels and potentially mold in your air system. 

Approximately 25 percent of the population is prone to mold toxicity. This means that while not everyone in the house will get sick, some household members will respond negatively to the mold caused by not changing your air filter. The effects of mold sickness are debilitating. 

Keeping your air filter clean will greatly reduce the chance of mold in your home.

Increased Repairs

When you do not change your air filter, dirt and debris will contaminate the fans and particles of your HVAC system. As a result, the system will begin to malfunction over time, first in small ways and later in more financially taxing ways. 

Furthermore, if you have a clogged air filter, your blower and fans will be working overtime to make your home the right temperature. Eventually, the overworked air blower will give out completely, and your entire system can fail. 

Essentially, that overworked air blower discussed above may give out entirely, causing the whole system to fail, an outcome that can cost thousands of dollars to repair!

You can avoid big repairs by performing the easiest HVAC system maintenance: regularly changing your filter.

Change Frequency

Every filter that you purchase should have a recommended change frequency. Pleated filters have a standard life expectancy of 90 days. This is shortened to 30 or 60 days if you have pets or if it’s the dead of summer or winter. Pro Tip: Purchase filters from Discount Filters and receive free email change reminders.

Why We Neglect Air Filters

The reason why we forget about our air filters is that they are out of sight and out of mind. Since we don’t spend too much time in or around our HVAC system, we simply forget to change the filter. We’re all guilty of this from time to time.

In the end, you do yourself and your HVAC system a favor by changing the filter every 30-90 days. They typically do not cost much and they can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair bills down the road. 

Check Your Air Filters Today

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