Top 10 Kitchen Organization Ideas On The Internet

The 10 Best Kitchen Organization Ideas On The Internet

Is your kitchen a little (or a lot) disorganized? No worries! You probably already have the materials you need to get the busiest—and often messiest—room in the house tidied up in no time. You can also find many of these items at the local dollar store. Here are the ten coolest and most creative kitchen organization ideas from around the web.

Shoe Organizer - Kitchen Organization


  1. Clear plastic pocket shoe organizers have a use beyond shoe storage. Hang them on the back of the pantry door and inside cabinets to keep everything from utensils to cleaning supplies in order.


Lazy Susan - Kitchen Organization


2. The large dinner table’s best friend, the lazy Susan, provides a convenient way to store sticky and greasy foods like honey, syrup and oils. The Susan’s shelves catch the drips and are easier to empty and clean than the interior of a cabinet.


Magnetic Spice Rack - Kitchen Organization


3. Spices are any cook’s best friend, but they can be the organized cook’s worst enemy. Jars hide behind each other, making it hard to find what you need quickly. This magnetic spice rack will free up valuable cabinet real estate and make it so much easier to find what you need, when you need it.


Magazine Rack Freezer Shelves - Kitchen Organization


4. Many freezers don’t have pre-installed shelving. This can lead to a lot of empty vertical space and precariously stacked boxes of frozen goods. Re-purpose plastic magazine holders to create shelves by placing them on their sides and on top of one another, and voila! No more leaning tower of pizza.


Curtain Rod for Lids - Kitchen Organization


5. Pot lids taking over cabinet space? A curtain rod or towel rack attached to the wall or inside a cabinet door can keep those lids from sliding all over and making a racket.


Kitchen Tablet - Kitchen Organization


6. Reassign your old tablet to kitchen helper duty. Load it up with recipes, meal planners and shopping list apps. You can mount it on the wall above your prep space, inside a cabinet door, or with a tablet stand.


Baskets for Storage Containers and Lids - Kitchen Organization


7. The big dinner party is over, and you’re packing up the leftovers. You have all the containers at hand, but where are the appropriate lids? Labeled stacking baskets keep plastic storage containers and their many lids in check.


Air Tight Containers - Kitchen Organization(source:

8. Want an ultra-organized pantry or cabinet? Transfer dry goods from their bags and boxes to labeled, clear, airtight containers. Add wire mesh baskets for single-serve snack packs and other loose food items. Everything will remain fresh and easy to locate.


DIY Knife Block - Kitchen Organization


9. Poorly stored knives can lead to a trip to the ER. Get those knives out of the drawer and store them safely in a knife block made from a tall container filled with wooden skewers. Knives go in tip-down; they’ll stay sharp, and you’ll reduce the risk of injury.


Junk Drawer Cleanup - Kitchen Organization


10. Does it seem like you have way too many “junk drawers”? Tidy them up with metal tissue boxes and small matching containers. You’ll keep plastic shopping bags ready for reuse, and all those little bits and pieces like rubber bands and chip-clips in one place.


An organized kitchen is an efficient kitchen. You have more space, food and supplies are easier to find, and you have more time for the important things, like savoring a great home-cooked meal with friends and family.

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