6 Snow Day Activities For Kids

Family having funWith the winter season and inclement weather in full swing, kids are bound to have school canceled at least once or twice this year. So the main question after class is canceled is, what are you going to do with the kids all day? We have compiled 6 things to do with your children while you are house bound. These activities are guaranteed to keep your children entertained and active all day.

  1. Go play in the snow- it is always a magical moment when you wake up in a winter wonderland. Don’t forget to take precautions before heading out into the cold. Bundle up in layers to keep in heat, cover all extremities and drink plenty of filtered water. Even though it may not feel like it at first playing in the snow and being bundled up can cause people to sweat and then become dehydrated leading to more serious problems.

  1. Build a fort- in the living room, playroom, bonus room, bedroom or any other free space in your home. Getting your child excited to play and create will not only expand their creativity but also their logic and problem solving skills. This activity allows them to come up with solutions and to visualize a project and complete it all while having fun building a magic club house.

  1. Read a book- curl up in bed or on a couch and have the kids pick out some of their favorite books and spend time rereading them to help further their reading skills while also showing them how fun and relaxing taking time to read can be.

  1. Write letters- everyone loves sending and receiving letters. Have the kids write them to anyone they know (Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, friends). Letter writing is a valuable skill to know and it also helps children express themselves, work on spelling, sentence structure and phonetics. The kids will have fun creating something for other people and making a keepsake for friends and family.

  1. Bake Grandma’s Special Cookies- we might not all have Grandma’s recipe but getting in the kitchen with your kids to make something warm and fresh is a great memory to hold on to for years to come. You can use this as an opportunity to refresh them on kitchen safety, responsibility, and math. This gives children the satisfaction that comes from making something with their own hands versus a drive through. We want to share our favorite cookie recipe with you too, **hint, they’re nutritious and yummy and I bet they go great with hot cocoa**

  1. Print out coloring sheets– It is no surprise that kids love to color and especially on a snow day when they’re going to be stuck inside for most of the day. It can be a fun activity that will get their creative juices flowing and could also be another insert into the letter for Grandpa.

These days are an excuse to stay home in your PJs all day and spend quality time with your kids doing things that they will take with them for years to come, so whatever you decide to do with the day you can’t go wrong. Remember that especially during weather that strands you at home it is important to make sure you have a fresh water filter so that you can enjoy refreshing, crisp clean water to keep you and your family hydrated.

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