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Shop Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

Each year the holidays seem to arrive faster and faster. This holiday season you can make a big difference by buying environmentally friendly gifts. Green gifts are unique, practical and best of all have less impact on the environment!

If you’ve never considered buying green gifts for your family and friends, then here are a few reasons why you might want to change your mind:

  1. Uniqueness – Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone. Well, you’ll be happy to hear when you buy green gifts it’s almost guaranteed no one else will have bought the same gifts as you. It’s sad to realize, but most people overlook green gifts because everyone assumes they’re too expensive. Thankfully there are a lot of really great options for those who are eco-conscious.
  2. You’re Making a Difference – Buying green gifts means you’re helping save the planet. Plus, when you gift someone an eco-friendly gift they’re also helping out! They might not be aware of the differences they can make by buying green, but you can help introduce them to the green community. Best of all, you’ll feel great knowing you’ve shared your passion for green products with friendly gift bag
  3. Practicality – Most green gifts are practical. It can be quite easy to forget whether the gifts you’re buying having meaning in the rush of gift buying. Sometimes low price tags almost make it impossible for you to refrain from buying certain gifts. You can completely forget to keep practicality in mind when buying for those you love and care about. Luckily, eco-friendly gifts typically have a purpose. You can breathe easy knowing you’ll be gifting useful items rather than ones that will get thrown out in a few months.
  4. Creates Less Impact on the Environment – Last but not least, environmentally friendly gifts help save the planet. Most holiday gifts and festive wrapping paper are eventually thrown in the trash where they will slowly molder away in landfills. Be part of the change for a more sustainable future by buying green!

Check out Sustainable Baby Steps for an easy guide on how to buy green gifts this holiday season.

Now that you’ve learned about the appeal of buying green, we’ve gathered a few green gifts you might want to consider adding to your holiday shopping list.

These are a just a few gift ideas, but don’t forget to check out Etsy’s handy dandy gift giving guide! They’ve thoughtfully sorted their eco-friendly gifts ideas according to whether they’re for men, women or children!

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly gifts to give during the holiday season? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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