Seven Super Easy Tips on Going Green

Going green doesn’t have to become an annoying task, it’s actually easier than you think! Even by changing some of our daily routines and habits, we can make a difference in the environment and a difference in our energy bills.

  • Rethink bottled water: Almost all plastic water bottles are not recycled, because it can take plastic up to 450 years to decompose. Instead of using a plastic water bottle, try using reusable water bottle with filtered water from your fridge. Tap water can have thousands of harmful chemicals in it. By using a reusable water bottle with your filtered fridge water you can get healthier and better tasting water.



  • Adjust your thermostat: With cooler weather approaching, it’s a smart idea to start thinking of adjusting your thermostat. If you can, turn off your furnace and open the windows to let the fresh fall air in. Or simply reduce your thermostat by one degree while you’re at work. Doing this can save you 10% on your energy costs.

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  • Turn off your lights: When you leave a room for more than 15 minutes, don’t forget to turn the lights off. Leaving the lights on for more than 15 minutes can greatly affect the amount of energy used by your electricity. Turning off the lights will not only save on energy consumption, but it’ll help the lifespan of your light-bulbs.




  • Choose matches over lighters: Americans throw away 250 million lighters every year. Lighters are made up of plastic, which can take 450 years to decompose. Instead of using a lighter, use a match! Matches consist of wood and can be recycled much faster than plastic. Next time you light a candle or fire or to heat your home, remember to use a match instead of a lighter.



  • Go to a car wash: Skip cleaning your car yourself. You may think that washing your own car is more efficient than a cash wash, yet this is not true. Car washes are more efficient when it comes to water consumption. If everyone in the United States went to the car wash once, instead of washing their car on their own, we could be saving up to 8 billion gallons of water.



  • Fly by using an e-ticket: Instead of printing out your boarding pass, download it on your phone. This can help reduce the amount of trees that are cut down for paper. Not only will your boarding pass be more accessible but it’s helping out the environment by going green.

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  • Turn computers off at night: We’ve all heard that computers waste tons of energy. By turning your computer off at night, you’ll save $14/day. Computers can waste up to 50 watts/day. Instead of putting your computer on sleep mode, turn it off to help conserve energy and even save on energy costs.


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Even the littlest habits can have a big impact on our environment. Try adding one or two of these tips to your daily routine and know that you’re doing your part to help conserve energy and improve the environment. Every little bit helps!

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