Why that Samsung High Tech Fridge Will Cost You

The benefits of owning a high-tech refrigerator are compelling. Aside from geeking out at cool tech, a smart fridge can alert you when it’s malfunctioning, monitor your food for expiration dates, and display recipe information when it’s time to get cooking. On the other hand, these refrigerators can be expensive and difficult to maintain. Here’s a look at what you should consider before you buy.


1. More Tech Means More to Go Wrong


Remember folks, it’s a giant computer. And all those fancy features are nice to have–until they need service. Having several additional features also means having more that can go wrong. There’s something to be said for simple appliances that perform one function as they are easy to maintain and tend to be easier to repair.

Think about older generations who look back to the “good old days” of cars that most of us could fix in our driveways. Today’s vehicles are so advanced, only the most basic repairs can be done without the help of a trained professional. A smart refrigerator may require a professional service call for even the simplest of malfunctions.




2. Expensive Replacement Parts


Water filters and air filters are essential components of most refrigerators. Regularly changing the filters ensures smooth operation of your appliance, and the cost of these parts can get costly over time. Some manufacturers insist that you purchase their branded replacement parts in order to protect your warranty.

For example, if you have a Whirlpool appliance, you may be required to purchase Whirlpool fridge filters to keep your warranty. In many cases, a discount fridge filter will work just as well and cost less, but you will not be able to use them. Be sure to read the fine print before choosing a refrigerator.


filter comparison

3. Ease of Use


All those bells and whistles are only cool if they are easy to use! For example, high-tech refrigerators that monitor the expiration date of food may only work with food that is specially packaged. Otherwise, you have to input all the information yourself. Grocery shopping is enough of a hassle without having to update your refrigerator with the expiration date of your broccoli.

On the other hand, once you get the setup complete, some smart refrigerators can scan what’s left in your fridge and pull up meals using those ingredients. Others can adjust the temperature and humidity continuously to extend the life of fresh produce. Features like that will prevent waste and help you make the most of your grocery budget.


The Bottom Line


For some people, a high-tech fridge would be an interesting novelty purchase. If you’ve got solid tech skills or an interest in gadgets–and you do not have to worry about your budget when it comes to the initial purchase and maintenance–then go for it. For those who don’t have the inclination to train their refrigerator or the room in the budget for branded Samsung fridge filters to match their refrigerator, it might be smarter to stick with a simpler appliance.

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