Samsung DA29-00003G Replacement Filters for Less


People waste their money each year on bottled water because of the idea of it being better in some way than their tap water. Filtered water from the tap is in no way inferior to pricey bottled water, yet it cost much less and is more convenient to obtain daily. Fresh water from a fridge filter is cold on tap and you can feel more confident in the source than water shipped from various water sources across the country. In fact it is more than a case of feeling more confident, a recent big name bottled water company admitted, after being exposed, that all of their water is obtained from a big city municipal tap! So you can actually know that your home water from your own filter is better than most bottled water options.

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If you are at all squeamish about drinking your own tap water, then the DA29-00003H, which also replaces filter DA29-00003G, will purify your water and remove chlorine, lead, asbestos, and 99% of contaminants, improving the water’s taste, odor, and overall quality.  Clean, crisp, cool water available at the push of a button any time you choose, in addition to clear, clean ice is priceless and vital for good health and fitness. This filter provides the clean water from the use of activated carbon to remove those nasty contaminates, leaving behind pure tasty water.

The DA29-00003H fits refrigerator models from manufacturers ranging from Samsung to Kenmore. It is versatile because no one should put off replacing their filter because they are unsure if it will fit. It is easy to match and easy to install. The price is lower than many models that fit the same refrigerators, yet the filtration quality is the same.

A filter will work great during its expected time, but for the most effective filtration be sure to change it within the perimeters. The DA29-00003H should be changed at least every six for best results, and lowest energy consumption.

Installation Video for Filter DA29-00003H

Installation is a simple step by step process

First you must remove the expired cartridge by turning it to the left.

Then removed the red cap.

Next, align the unlabeled side of the new filter with the indicator line, and turn the new cartridge to the right and lock in to place when you feel it stop and the symbol lines up on the indicator line.

Write the current month on the provided sticker and then stick the sticker on the filter to indicate what month it should be changed for most effective use.

Run water through dispenser for five minutes straight to get rid of any impurities.

Press and hold both the ice type and child lock buttons to reset the filter change light if needed. And then you are done, easy as that and you do not have to think about it again for six months.

This makes a filter a much better investment (and better priced) than water bottles that pile up everywhere and then fill up landfills when you are done.



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