Samsung DA29-00003G Refrigerator Water Filter

The DA290003 water filter by Samsung Aqua Pure Plus is a high standard fridge filter used by varied big-name manufacturers that replaces the popular DA29-00003G filter. These include Kenmore, Samsung, Whirlpool and more. Getting the best water filters for your refrigerator is essential to prohibit the entrance of toxins and other impurities that come into the home through the water line. These impurities affect the taste of both the ice and water, and could affect the safety of your water intake. These refrigerator water filters work to alleviate any contaminants, providing a healthy, refreshing, and better-tasting water and ice experience.

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We carry discount fridge filters compatible with the DA290003. The DA290003 is one of the top replacement refrigerator filters that has guaranteed compatibility and is under warranty for one year. The DA290003 filter works in the same capacity as the big brand component, with free shipping and returns on all orders. Highly recommended because of its performance and compatibility, this discount filter is a lower price for great returns.

Making sure you have the purest water flowing through your system is important. Chlorine, rust, lead, cysts and other potentially harmful chemicals can come through the water line, affecting the taste and quality of the water you drink. As the filter starts to get worn, the taste of the ice and water will start to change, another clear indicator of the need to replace the old filter.

Choosing a discounted refrigerator filter that has the same characteristics and results is cost-effective and will save money over time. These filters and their compatibility with retail refrigerators can make a significant difference in how often the filter is monitored and replaced, ensuring water and ice that is safer and cleaner. Knowing the signs of a filter that needs to be replaced is essential:

  • Water starts to taste dull
  • Ice has a particular smell
  • The filter has not been changed for a while
  • The water may have small particles

If any of these signs are present, the filter must be changed immediately to ensure the water and ice remains in the best condition for use.


Check out the video below to see how to install the Samsung DA29-00003G filter:

How to Install the DA200003 Filter:

  1. Remove the existing filter by grasping firmly with a ¼ turn.
  2. Label the filer with the sticker included to serve as a reminder of replacement. Most filters should be replaced within a 6-month period.
  3. Remove the red cap, and align the side with the indicator line (side without the label) for proper insertion into the slot.
  4. Turn the new cartridge ¼ to the right to lock it into place. The filter will automatically stop and a locked symbol should be in alignment with the indicator line.
  5. Once the new filter is installed, run water through the dispenser for about five minutes to purge the system of old impurities.
  6. If your refrigerator has a reset button, reset the filter indicator by pressing and holding the ice type and child lock button simultaneously.

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If the DA29-00003 water filter is not your water filter, you can use our fridge filter finder to see which filter will fit your fridge. Or you can pick of one of these popular filters: ukf8001, mwf, da29-00020b, ukf7003, 644845, 4396508, 4396841, wfcb, W10295370 or search by brand.




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