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9 Easy Ways to Remember to Change Your Filter

If you are anything like me, remembering to do something every few months is a struggle. I need a reminder for everything from getting an oil change to canceling that free month of Netflix I was trying out. My go-to method to remember is putting an alert in my phones calendar and setting a reminder for every day until I finally do it. Changing your filter on time is not something you want to think about. Which is why I came up with 9 ways to remember to change you filter!

1. Use Daylights Savings

This is a great option if you live in a state that observes daylight savings. Just change the filter when you change your clock.

2. Change with the Seasons

Change when every season changes if you have a 3 month filter, or only change at the start of Winter and Summer if you have a 6 month filter. Make sure you pay attention to the dates when the seasons do change.

3. Birthday and Half Birthday

Your birthday is a date you most likely won’t forget, but you can also use a family members birthday or other date that is important. Just make sure it is an important enough day for it to trigger your memory.

4. Set it as an Appointment

This is my go-to. Use your phone, computer or email calendar and set an appointment. Make sure it is set to alert you of the appointment. Take it one step further and make the appointment continue everyday after the initial alert to make sure you actually do it before you turn the alert off.

5. Send Yourself a Scheduled Email or Text

If you are good with technology you could set up an email or text reminder to be sent on a specific day in the future. If you use Outlook, go to options>delay delivery and set it for months in the future.

6. Get a Timer

There are specific products out there that are meant to alert you when to change the filter. Many refrigerator water filters have a timer built in for 6 months but it will only be useful if you reset it when you originally changed the filter. We also sell the FILTERSCAN Air Filter Monitor that alerts you when you have a clogged filter.

7. Be Old School and Write it Down

If you still have an agenda or paper calendar, then just write it down. You also get the satisfaction of cross it off when you do it.

8. Change it on Days you Have to do Other Chores

Do you have a special day you pay bills, do laundry or do all your chores? Just lump changing the filter into your monthly day to do chores.

9. Use our Reminder Email Service

If you order from you will receive a reminder email based on your purchase history. You don’t have to do anything. Talk about hassle-free!

All of these ideas are helpful ways to remember to change your filter. They are also helpful ways to remember to do other things that you don’t do on a daily basis.

How do you remember to change the filter or do other household chores? Let us know below or on Facebook or Twitter!

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