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How to Find the Right Refrigerator Water Filter

After reconstructing our website, we’ve tried making it easy for customers to go online and buy filters for their home. In case you’re having trouble, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out.

The Home Page

When you first log on to, you’ll notice there are multiple options. To navigate to the refrigerator water filters section, hover over the “Shop For Water Filters” button at the top of the home page and then click “Refrigerator Water Filters” in the drop down. Go ahead and use the search function in the middle of the screen if you know your filter model.

DiscountFilters HomepageOnce you’ve selected to shop for a refrigerator water filter through one of the two options above, you’ll have two choices: 1) shop by filter model, or 2) shop by brand of refrigerator using the finder.

Filter Finder Homepage

By Water Filter Model

In order to search by your water filter or refrigerator model number, you’ll first need to find the correct number. Finding your water filter number is easy. Look on the current water filter in use. The water filter number will be displayed somewhere on the filter itself.

Find Fridge Filter by Filter Model

By Refrigerator Model

Finding your refrigerator model number is just as easy. It’s usually posted on the inside of your refrigerator (may be in small letters, so bring a pair of reading glasses if necessary). If worst comes to worst, all this information is relatively easy to find in your refrigerator owner’s manual (that is, if you know where to find your manual).

From here, you’ll just need to enter your model number in the designated box. Once you’ve entered your water filter or refrigerator model number, you will be directed to water filters that fit your refrigerator. Some refrigerators have one specific brand, while other offer alternative brands and prices to choose from.

Find Fridge Filter by Fridge Model

Shop By Brand

The first thing you’ll need to do is select which refrigerator brand you have. The most popular brands are shown with their logos. If you have a brand other than those shown, don’t panic. Check out the Refrigerator Water Filter Brands page link below the finder. As always, when in doubt contact customer service for help.

Filter Finder By Brands

After selecting the proper brand, you’ll need to identify what style you have (Side-By-Side, French 4-Door, Top Freezer, etc.).

Chose Your Refrigerator Type

Next, you’ll be asked to select where your water filter is located in the refrigerator from the options it provides according to your previous selections. I’ll be choosing an upper-right location as an example.

Where is Your Filter Finder

The last step asks you to identify how you remove your water filter. This may seem a bit tedious, but answering these questions greatly helps narrow down options and cut out filters that aren’t suitable for your refrigerator. In the long run, you’ll be happy.

Filter Finder By Installation

After completing the above steps correctly, you’ll be directed to the specific water filter(s) for your refrigerator. For my example, I’ve been directed to a single filter based on my selections.

Product Page

The Final Step

Now that you’ve found the right refrigerator water filter, all you’ll need to do is purchase it. Since most water filters are good for 6 months, you also have the option of buying in bulk at for a reduced price.

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  1. These are really very useful tips for buying refrigerator , This information will help everybody to buy refrigerator which is suitable for them

    • Hello Laurie,
      Almost all refrigerator water filters are 6 month filters, therefore I would suggest you change it every 6 months. Change sooner if you notice a change in taste or coloring.

      Hope this helps!

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