Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement for DA29-00003G

Water that comes from the tap is full of chemicals that can cause numerous health issues over time. Refrigerator water filters use activated carbon to help eliminate such impurities as chlorine and rust in your water and ice. Check out our full list of refrigerator water contaminants. This helps improve the quality of the water, but just as important, it helps create the clear, refreshing taste that comes from chemical-free water.

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Our DA29-00003A water filter is a replacement for the more expensive brands that fit in high-quality refrigerators made by such companies as Samsung and the DA29-00003G filter. It is guaranteed to fit perfectly and the quality of the final product is guaranteed to be just as pure and refreshing as the original. The only difference you will notice about our product is the price attached. We believe quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Installing the DA29-00003A

Installing your new water filter is easy. Use the following steps to have yourself drinking fresh water in a matter of minutes.

1. Remove your old water filter.

2. Place the reminder sticker that comes with your new filter where you will see it so you know when a change is due and then remove the red cap.

3. Find the indicator line on the filter cover and align the blank side of your new cartridge so it will slide in easily.

4. Turning the cartridge toward the right, you will feel it lock into place. Check to make sure the “locked” symbol is where it should be.

5. Allow water to run for a full five minutes. This will purge any impurities in the system.

6. If your unit has a reset function, hold ice type and child-proof buttons at the same time to activate the reset. Enjoy!

Installation Video for Filter DA29-00003A

Product Comparison

Our replacement filters are nearly identical to the performance of the original Samsung filters they replace. Standard 42 and Standard 53 requirements of the NSF have been met, which indicates our filters are certified to remove odor, chlorine and other contaminants from drinking water. Flow rate, water temperature and pressure range are nearly identical, with only the pressure range varying by 5 PSI on the Samsung filter. There are two main differences between the Samsung filter and ours. The first difference is that the Samsung has the official NSF rating and ours hasn’t been officially rated, although they do meet the exact standards. The second difference is the price. Our filters are identical in function, at a price that is more compatible with your budget.

Added Benefits

Our filters come with a few extra benefits that have nothing to do with fresh water. We offer free, same-day shipping and free returns if necessary. In addition, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Finally, we provide easy-to-see reminders for changing your discount water filters, keeping your water fresh and your thirst quenched. All this is offered at a cost that won’t put a huge dent in your budget.



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