Reduce Pollutants in your Drinking Water with the DA29-00003G

SGF-DSB300 (also known as the DA29-00003G) Swift Green refrigerator water filters are an environmentally-friendly product that ensure that your quality of water is always the best. These passed all tests from the National Sanitation Foundation or NSF as well as NSF International, so you can be sure that it’s safe for the whole family to use. Say goodbye to chlorine, which you won’t smell or taste in your beverages. Not only are you going to taste the difference, but you can feel good knowing that you’re doing your part to make the world a greener place.


DA29-00003G Filter Process

All Swift Green water filters, including SGF-DSB300, which is a replacement filter for the Samsung DA29-00003G, are made with a specialized filtration process that utilizes activated carbon. This carbon, which is within a chamber in the filter, catches particulate matter and flushes it out. Even better, this filter ensures that your water still has some fluoride in it, which is beneficial because fluoride has been associated with better teeth health. Lead, lindane, and atrazine levels are all kept to a minimum. Lindane is a type of scabies and lice medication that is actually quite dangerous since it can be fatal. Prolonged exposure can lead to seizures.

When you drink a cool, crisp, refreshing glass of water that’s been run through the SGF-DSB300 Swift Green filter, you’ll know that it has less atrazine too. This is a type of herbicide that protects sugarcane and corn crops. It’s a very popular choice in herbicides. Research from 2001 has found that it’s also very often found in the supply of the United States’ drinking water. With this filter, you’ll know that you and your whole family are safe from drinking such contaminated water.

How to Install the SG-DSB300 Water Filter

1. Find your old refrigerator filter cartridge and take it off. Grab it firmly and turn it at least 1/4th of the way to loosen it so you can remove it.

2. Find the sticker that came with your Swift Green filter and place it on. This will help you remember to change it out every six months.

3. Match up your filter with the indicator line near the filter cover.

4. Like you turned your old filter 1/4th of the way to remove it, apply the new cartridge and turn it 1/4th of the opposite way to screw it in tightly. If there’s a lock symbol on your filter, it will be in the front so you know you’ve done it correctly.

5. Let the water run for at least five minutes before drinking as the filter removes impurities.

Changing Your Water Filter

As mentioned, you must be diligent about changing Swift Green SG-DSB300 discount fridge filters at least every six months. This is the only way to ensure that your drinking water is as clean and purified as expected. If your filter is old but still running, it may be less effective at reducing those contaminants.

Installation Video for Filter SG-DSB300




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