Simple Ways to Reduce Air Pollution


First things first: What is air pollution? Air pollution is the substances released into the air caused by industrial and human activity. These substances are then stuck in the air that we breathe everyday and need in order to live.

Air pollution is made up of six “criteria pollutants”. These pollutants are:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Ground-level ozone
  • Lead
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Particle pollution or matter
  • Sulfur oxides


Spring is near and everyone is itching to get out and enjoy the warm weather. But, who wants to be breathing in all that junk due to air pollution? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that no one does. So, here are some easy ways to reduce air pollution.

  • Recycle! By throwing your aluminum cans, cardboard, glass , plastic, and paper products in the recycling bin you can save energy and reduce production emissions.
  • Plant a tree and start breathing in the good-ness.
  • Be mindful when purchasing paints and stains. So you want to redecorate. Go for it! But, try purchasing products that are low-VOC or water-based.
  • Quit smoking. Seriously. You know you want to, and the rest of the world wants you to too.
  • Shop savvy. Buy ENERGY STAR products that are easy on the environment and your wallet. Check out some of these energy-saving products.
  • Drive right. Looking for a new car? Energy-efficient cars are like the new 22” rims. So cool.
  • Trim down on the fat. Some products come with all packaging and no punch. Buy products that take it easy on the packaging.
  • Reuse. Reusable anything is your friend (except plastic water bottles).
  • Ditch the drive-thru. You’re not just burning time while you wait in long drive-thru lines, but also gas. Park it, walk it, get it, and go on with your day.
  • Pool together. Carpool. Vanpool. Whichever way you like to ride, ride together. This also means taking advantage of public transportation.
  • Work it out. If you’re lucky enough to live within walking or riding distance to work, the store, or anywhere your heart desires to go, then carpe diem. Lace up your shoes, hop on your bike, and leave your car keys at home.

Checking the daily forecast in your area is always a good idea. This will be able to tell you the pollution level outside.Check out the best and worst cities for air pollution in the U.S.

Be in the know. And breathe easy.

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