Recycling Your Water Bottles

We have always known that using plastic water bottles is damaging to the environment because many end up in landfills taking up space and polluting our earth. Especially, in recent news with all the concern around the Flint Michigan water crisis and the knowledge that some bottled water isn’t even purified of impurities. Drinking bottled water can be as dangerous as drinking some communities tap water, filled with impurities and unwanted toxins that can be harmful to your long term health.

We know the best way to make sure that your water is pure and clean of unwanted toxins is to replace your refrigerator water filter regularly. But what to do with all of those water bottles or plastic containers that you have already collected in your recycling bin? We have compiled our favorite ways to repurpose them in a useful beneficial way for your home! These 4 helpful ideas, along with replacing your water filter regularly will assure that you are drinking clean water to energize your body and reusing waste that would more than likely take up space in a landfill for years to come. Making you feel good and taking care of the environment.

  1. Pencil/Marker/Desk Pen Holder- making it easy to store and easily accessible to get your pens, pencils, markers for whenever you need them. 
  • Looking a plastic milk jug cut a square about an inch under the handle all the way down leaving an inch at the base.
  • Fill with pencils and enjoy your new pen/pencil organizational system.

2. Plant Planters- The bottom half of bottles are perfect for decorating and holding plants.

  • Cut the bottle in half so that it is tall enough to hold your plant comfortably. (You can even cut fun shapes or designs in the plastic to make it look like ears of your favorite animal). Paint the plastic bottle in a white primer paint that will adhere to plastic and is water proof.
  • Wait for that to dry and then design the containers however you like. You can do fun designs or even paint it all one color to match where ever your plants may be.

3. Bird Feeders- perfect for outside. Everyone enjoys more nature in their backyard and with a functioning recyclable bird feeder you can easily make your backyard a nature filled adventure. 

  • Take the old bottle and poke 4 holes, one on the left and right and one on front and back, directly across from each other so that you can take a pencil or wooden spool through the bottle creating a little ‘seat’ for the birds. After you have the seats ready poke a small hole above the seats that is just wide enough to let some food get out for the birds who visit your feeder.



4. Vertical Garden- for the person with a green thumb and not a lot of room, or for someone who wants to create a small herb garden, this craft is perfect for you.

  • Take heavy duty string or wire and make sure that it is secured on a wall that will be optimal to hang your plants on (consider the amount of sunlight the plants will need). Cut a small hole through the sides of the bottom so you can take the string through it. Cut a square into your water bottle down the side so that you can fill your bottle with dirt and then insert your plant inside the container. Before inserting the dirt and plant use your hot glue gun and make sure the string at the bottom is secure so that it will be able to hold up your planter. Tie the string or wire around the top of the bottle securely so that it is hanging and fill with your dirt and plant.

There are so many great ideas out there and all it takes is a little time to unleash your creativity and your old water bottles. Beware: these crafts can become addicting and we recommend using bottles that are found in the trash or already used and drink clean water from your fridge filter to be the most environmentally and health conscious you. Let us know what you try or how your recycled water bottles turn out in the comments below!

plastic bottles making up recycle symbol

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