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5 Deciding Factors For Picking the Right Water Filter

It can be challenging to select a water filter for your residence or workplace. In fact, a wide variety of filters are available on the market at present ranging from reverse osmosis systems to pitchers. You might question yourself regarding what type of pollutants your water filter contains or what type of filter you need while you are contemplating to buy one for your personal requirements.

Here, we have mentioned the top 5 steps in choosing the right water filter.

1. Look Out For What Is In The Water

The initial step while buying the water filter will be to figure out what type of pollutants the water contains. This will help you remove anything from the water that is not required. Also, make it a point to test the water on your own with a water taster equipment or an independent lab.

2. Figure Out Your Budget

In case you have a limited budget and would like to go for an inexpensive water filter, a carbon water pitcher filter will be ideal for you. Water filter pitchers play an important role in minimizing the number of contaminants at an affordable rate.

If you like to opt for a better water filter that can boast of many innovative features, it will be prudent to decide what type of filters will satisfy your requirements. A better filter will be more expensive, although there are some like the faucet filters that are not that costly. It is the cost and the type of pollutants which will help you decide regarding the water filter you want to go for.

3. Make Your Own Water Goals

You need to decide on your personal targets for household water which will depend on the information received from the water testing. (This test must be conducted beforehand for verifying what is in the water). Is your personal target revolving around having healthy water in your abode, decreasing the burden on plumbing or getting rid of toxins from the bathing and drinking water? It is not possible to provide right or wrong answers to these queries given that everybody has different budgets, targets, and living conditions.

You will come across 2 types of water filtration products to pick from:

POU (Point-of-Use) Water Filters

These stand-alone devices have been customized for every room in your residence. For instance, a POU system might function as a pitcher placed in the fridge in your kitchen, an under-counter multistage water filter system and so on. You will likewise come across separate filters intended to get rid of chlorine from your bath or shower. These are essential for expecting mothers and kids too.

Be meticulous while picking a POU water filtration system which can differ widely when it comes to filtering water and removing pollutants. Bigger under-counter multi-stage POU filtration systems will eradicate a wider range of pollutants comprising chloramines, chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, parasites, and so forth. You can choose cartridges in these larger filters for addressing your individual concerns regarding certain pollutants. Let us move further in this post to get some info about the POE (Point-of-Entry) water systems plus other essential facts.

POE (Point-of-Entry) Water Systems

POE water systems are set up at any place where the water will first enter your home. In this way, these filters will offer clean water in your entire house and are a fantastic choice for property owners who like to get clean and safe water throughout the day. This will comprise drinking, bathing, cooking, and laundry water by attacking the issue at the root.

However, even though POE filtration systems will provide clean drink water, a POU system has got no substitutes on the market. The reason for this is that water can pick up pollutants in the pipes in any house while flowing to the tap. In reality, it will be sensible to combine the filtration system of your entire residence with a POU purifier since it will offer the most effective protection against a wider range of pollutants.

Whatever you do, always stay away from a water distillation system. This is because distilled water does not contain any dissolved mineral and isn’t a healthy source of water for your near and dear ones. It might also be detrimental to drink regularly.

4. Finding The Water Filter Of The Correct Size

It is essential to comprehend how much water will be needed by your family members daily. Apart from being beneficial for environmental and conservation reasons, it is likewise imperative to figure out what size of water filter system will be necessary for your family and how frequently you might require to service the system. In fact, every single unique water filtration system will have a particular capacity for the quantity of water which can be cleaned at any specific time. Therefore, it is important for this capacity to match up with your day-to-day use of water, or it can even exceed the limit. This will help your water filter to work in proper condition.

For this, you would like to ask yourself some essential queries like the ones mentioned below:

  • How big is your residence?
  • How many toilets are there in your house?
  • What is the number of adults and children in your household?
  • Do you perform any other activities which need water usage?

This information should help any individual to purchase the water filter of the ideal size for your residence. A properly selected item will provide your family with safe water for bathing, drinking, cooking, showering, and performing laundry for a long time!

5. Purchase A Filter Which Is NSF Certified

Our next tip in this list will be to purchase a water filter which is NSF certified. The NSF happens to be an autonomous body which verifies and tests any water filter out there, inspects the manufacturing facilities, and then approves what pollutants that specific water filter will eliminate or reduce from the water under specific conditions.

In case you are contemplating to purchase an entry-level water filter, a carbon filter pitcher/jug will be the best way to start. This will be inexpensive also. These types of filters will help to remove or reduce chlorine which is often the primary contaminant of concern for the consumers. However, if you are searching for a more permanent water filter, you can go for a water filter faucet, a filter for the sink, a countertop filter, or a reverse osmosis filter system. You will need a whole house water filter in case you’d like to have your laundry, bath, and cleaning water to be filtered also. On the other hand, a water filter for your shower might be sufficient in case your target is to only filter the shower water.

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