Picking Out The Refrigerator That’s Right For You

There are many types and brands of refrigerators in the market today which can make finding the perfect one for your space, uses and family very difficult. We at Discount Filters know almost as best as anyone how big of a decision it is and that is why we have compiled this check list to help you find your perfect refrigerator. There are six main steps and questions to consider when picking out the perfect fridge for you.

  1. Consider Your Space– by the time you consider making the investment into a new fridge you may be so upset with the old one that you want to make everything bigger and better. To do this you need to consider the space that you have for your fridge. When considering space for the refrigerator you must measure and not only the space it is fitting into but also the kitchen door openings (frames) and the space around it to ensure that you can open the doors to your fridge fully. Look at this first so you can know the parameters of your search and know off the bat what will fit in your kitchen.


  1. Consider Your Shopping Habits– This is important to think about before purchasing a new refrigerator. People have all types of habits for eating and buying their food. Questions to ask and base your refrigerator choice are-
    1. Do you grocery shop less than once a week?- If the answer is yes, you probably need a refrigerator with a lot of long term storage space because your shopping trips are more spaced out. If you answered no, consider if you need a huge refrigerator with lots of long term storage if you only buy food that last you a few days.
    2. Do you cook a lot?– If you answered yes, think about the dishes you mostly cook and the ingredients that go into them. Is it a lot of ingredients that need refrigeration? On average what is left over?
    3. Is most of the food you cook fresh or frozen? If it is frozen consider a fridge with a larger area for frozen foods versus the fresh food side.
    4. Do you host a lot of friends or parties?- food is always the centerpiece of any get together. If you are hosting a lot, what kind of food do you prepare? Are they large platters that need adjustable shelf space? Would having French doors make it easier to store the food?
    5. How big is your household?- Your needs will change as your household changes. If you’re thinking of buying a new refrigerator and remodeling the house because your last child just moved away to college are you going to need all of the space for just you and your spouse? The same goes for if you’re first time homebuyers or thinking of starting a family, your food consumption will increase and so consider a larger model.


  1. Type of Refrigerator Style- After asking these questions and thinking more about your habits what kind of refrigerator style do you want/need for your space? There are four main types in the market today.
    1. Top Mount- Most common model with the freezer on the top one third and the refrigerator on the bottom 2/3.

      Traditional freezer top mount refrigerator.
      Traditional freezer top mount refrigerator.
    2. Side-By-Side- freezer on one half and refrigerator on the other half of the unit.

      Modern two-door style refrigerator.
      Modern side-by-side style refrigerator.
    3. Bottom Mount- Freezer on the bottom refrigerator on the top 2/3.

      Modern bottom mount refrigerator.
      Modern bottom mount refrigerator.
    4. French Door- similar to bottom mount, freezer is still underneath the bottom but the fridge has two doors that can open up to save space and make for easy storage.

      Modern french-door refrigerator.
      Modern french-door refrigerator.


  1. Budget- This is another hard part of picking out a fridge and why making sure you have the perfect one for your wants and needs is so important. Figuring out your budget is also the step where you need to consider and weigh what is really a want and what your household needs.


  1. Features- Refrigerators are becoming more and more equipped to handle our lifestyle and have more features that can be integrated into our daily routine to make our food and life better. Some of the most popular features are.
    1. Adjustable shelves and door bins- thinking about that 3 layer cake for your kid’s birthday and wishing that the shelves were more spaced out so you had room? Or door bins that can hold that large gallon of milk? These adjustable shelves and door bins make storage easy and hassle-free.
    2. Drawers- Have a lot of vegetables or meat stored all together or things that must be kept a certain temperature to stay fresh? Drawers can help with storage and finding things easily. Also, many refrigerators have a humidity control setting to keep vegetables fresh.
    3. Ice Makers- Of course to have fresh ice and water you need to have an ice maker and water filtration system. Many models have it where you can choose where the ice maker is. Do you want it in your door or in the actual freezer part? For all of your clean filtered water needs, check out DiscountFilters.
    4. Individual Cooling Zones- allows freezers to circulate air separately to help keep your ice from tasting like the garlic bread in your refrigerator.
    5. Programmable Control Pad– set the temperature, check on the filters, and see how much energy the refrigerator is using.
    6. Energy Saving Models- look for ENERGY STAR to save on average 20% more energy than other non-ENERGY STAR models. Some cities even offer rebates for ENERGY STAR products.


  1. Your Energy Bill- This is important to think about because of the way the world is changing and the overall long term associated cost with any refrigerator you buy and the energy it uses. For instance, Refrigerators with top-mounted freezers use 10 to 25% less electricity on average than other models. Before purchasing it is always important to check the energy guidelines with the fridge and to have properly assessed your needs.


After assessing your habits and needs for your lifestyle the next part is to search to find it competitively priced with everything that you have planned for. It is always important to know that which every refrigerator you buy, DiscountFilters should be your first stop when looking for a new filter. Buying new filters will not only give you great tasting clean water but also increase the life of your refrigerator, protecting the investment you made.

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