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Perfect Filters for Hot Shower System

Many people assume that the fresh and clear-looking water supplied to our homes is ‘clean.’ However, you would be astonished if an analysis of the dissolved matter is carried out. It contains impurities which aren’t good for your health. While some tend to think only the drinking water should be filtered, experts recommend filtering of bathing water too.

Why Should You Use a Hot Shower System Filter?

Have you ever wondered why your skin dries and itches after showering with raw tap water? This is what many people keep asking themselves after observing the smoother,  glowing skin of their peers. Well, the answer lies in the water itself. It harbors contaminants that are not good for your skin.

Domestic water contains chlorine and chloramine used in treatment. While they are beneficial as they eliminate the pollutants, they are not suitable for your skin. Chlorine has a bad taste and smell. It also combines with organic matter in the water to form disinfection By-Products (DBPs). DBPs harms your skin and are potential carcinogens.

In recent years, chloramine has replaced chlorine. However, it is good to know it has a relation to eye, skin, and respiratory problems.

Apart from chlorine and chloramine, the water dissolves heavy metals, such as lead and mercury in the pipes.

These are the impurities that should be eliminated from both the drinking and bathing water. The function is accomplished using a filter. However, not every filter is perfect for the job. A poor quality gadget will let the impurities pass through. Besides, they fail after a short stint costing you more. Also, not all filters are fitted for hot shower systems. Some will fail. Not because they are not good, they are in the cold water shower systems. That’s the reason many homeowners prefer 1st Choice Hot Water system.

Why Should You Choose the Brand?

You might be shocked to realize the good looking filter you fitted has rusted after a few weeks. After a short time, the gadget fails. This product is made of superior materials. It doesn’t rust or break down quickly like other types of filters. Thus, it does not need replacement after a short duration. You will only do it after about six months.

Secondly, the different gadgets in the market function differently. While some filter all impurities, others eliminate some. It is among a few available devices that will accomplish the task efficiently. This excellent brand gets rid of the harmful materials only. There won’t be any traces of the heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine and other dissolved pollutants in the shower water.

Thirdly, the practical use of some devices is not as indicated in the brochure. Unscrupulous manufacturers are only after your hard earned cash. They will put sweet words in the specifications to entice customers. You will realize you have been conned after the filter fails. So make sure to choose a professionally tested shower system that meets all the local standard requirements.

In conclusion, the hot shower system filters brand is the choice of many homeowners. It is of premium quality, lasts long, filters all harmful materials, and is cheap. So, look no further if you need a perfect filter for your hot water system. Go for it now for the healthy and glowing skin you’ve always wanted.


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