Know Your Fridge Filter: P5WB2L

P5WB2L refrigerator water filters are carefully designed to supply you and your home with clear, fresh, and great drinking water to keep you in good health and refreshed for the life of your filter. Never again worry about contaminants, polluted or unpleasant tasting water once you have installed this excellent advanced fridge filter.  The P5WB2L water filter will remove unhealthy and undesirable contaminants from your water supply in order to deliver beautifully clear ice and superior, delicious tasting drinking water. This filter, like most W10295370 filters, is compatible with a wide range of high-quality refrigerators, making it an unusually versatile water filtration device.


How Water Filtration Worksactivated carbon from ukf8001

Your P5WB2L fridge filter is a W10295370 type filter, all of which use the same advanced method to clean your drinking water. Using a carbon filtration process, the P5WB2L utilizes an activated carbon element to remove unhealthy contaminants and impurities from the water that you and your family drink. 

Many people wonder what activated carbon is, exactly. Carbon is a material used in many applications for removing toxins or impurities. In medicine, a liquid form of carbon is used to treat poison victims and those who have taken a drug overdose. For water filtration purposes, activated carbon is used in a specialized carbon formulation which, can adsorb large amounts of waste matter, impurities, and toxins. The porousness of this material enables it to present a very large surface area for its size to the water that passes through and around it, so doing- it will tend to attract and hold onto particles that come near to it or make contact with it. The vastly multiplied surface area of these activated carbon filter elements gives them a superb adsorption profile. 

Adsorption is a mechanical process by which a liquid, gas, or a fluid dissolved solid is made to adhere to a specially designed surface. It is often confused with absorption, which, by contrast is the process by which one thing is subsumed or incorporated into another thing. In adsorption, one material is simply held by the hidden surface of another larger material mass, such is our filter.

The process of water filtration begins the moment the water comes into physical contact with the activated carbon element after being passed through the water line and the filter chamber inside your refrigerator. As your P5WB2L water filter fills up with water, the unfiltered water is pushed through an inner chamber containing the actual water filter- the activated carbon element. The carbon attracts all unwelcome particulate matter in your drinking water supply such as excessive chlorine, fluoride, asbestos, lead, cysts, bacteria, mold and other contaminants. The unwelcome substances are seized by the carbon as newly cleaned water moves through the carbon filter element.  The result is crystal clear, refreshing, and clean water.


Installing your P5WB2L discount filter is quick and easy:

  1. Push the tab at the chamber to release the filter.
  2. Turning the filter counterclockwise until it releases.
  3. Remove filter.
  4. Reverse these steps to replace the water filter.

In order for your filter to work properly, it is suggested to replace your filter every six months! Visit our site to purchase the W10295370 filter.

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