Know Your Fridge Filter: P4RFWB

The first thing that you need to know about the P4RFWB water filter is that it is compatible with the UKF8001.  These water filters efficiently clean the water that comes through your fridge so that your family gets refreshing and clear drinking water.  When you are using one of these filters, make sure to change them every six months so you never need to worry about dirty water coming through your refrigerator. The P4RFWB filter works to remove all of the unwanted contaminants from your water so that you get water that is clean and healthy along with ice that is crystal clear. These refrigerator filters are high quality and you will not regret getting and installing them.

What it Takes From Your WaterEFF-6007A_33op

The way that the refrigerator water filters work to remove contaminants is by activated carbon.  This is a type of carbon that is incredibly porous.  Because of this, it has a surface area that is increased and this allows for it to be extremely adsorbent. The difference between adsorbent and absorbent, is that instead of the dissolved solid, liquid or gas being drawn into the carbon, it will instead stick to the surface of the carbon.

The process of filtration starts when the water comes into the chamber of the filter from the line that goes into your fridge.  As the filter fills up with the water, that water then goes through a chamber where the activated carbon is located.  The carbon will then act as if it were a magnet and attract any of the undesirable contaminants that might be in the water.  This includes mold, bacteria, asbestos and more.  It does this while leaving the beneficial fluoride alone.  All of the materials that are unclean and unwanted are then held on the carbon while the clean water comes out to you.  The overall result is crystal clear, clean, great tasting water that your whole family can enjoy.

Easy Installation

The P4RFWB filter is incredibly easy to install.  If it has a push tab you will:

  • Push the tab to release the latch and open the housing
  • Turn the filter counterclockwise to release and remove it
  • Pull out the old filter
  • Reverse the process with the new filter to install it

If it has a pull tab you will:

  • Find and pull the recessed tab to release the hatch and remove the housing
  • Rotate the filter counterclockwise ¼ turn and then pull it straight out
  • Reverse the process with the new filter to install it

This filter can be utilized in a bottom mount fridge that has access to the filter inside the fridge.  Just turn the filter in order to remove it and then replace it with the new one.


These discount fridge filters are compatible with a large variety of refrigerator models and brands.  This includes various models that are made by Kenmore, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana and more!  Regardless of the brand and model fridge you put it in, this is an easy installation and they should be replaced at least every 6 months in order to keep your water clean and tasting great.

If the ukf8001 filter is not your model, here is a quick list of our other popular fridge filters:MWF4396508DA29-00003G4396710W10295370 and the 644845 filter.

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