Know Your Fridge Filter: OWF50

There is nothing more important than knowing that your household’s drinking water supply is very healthy with all possible water impurities removed. The OWF50 or UKF8001 is a water purification filter which is manufactured to fit most refrigerators made by some of the world’s best manufacturers of water filter products, including Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Amana, Maytag, Viking and many others. It is manufactured as a replacement filter for UKF8001 water filters regarded as one of the most widely available and commonly used filters in the refrigeration water filtration system. When water is passed through the purification system used in the UKF8001 Filter, it removes all the taste, smell of chlorine, sediments and particulate matter which may be contained in tap water.

ukf8001 Filter Diagram

Activated Carbon Filtration process

The UKF8001 filtration system employs the state of the art and scientifically engineered process which utilizes activated carbon to systematically separate all impurities contained in water coming out of your tap system. Activated carbon technique facilitates the absorption of water impurities leading to extremely safe and clean drinking water for your family. The thorough filtration procedure starts from the initial moment when water flows into the filtration chamber. As more water enters the chamber, mounting pressure forces water through a container which contains the activated carbon substance. What happens next is an absorption of impurities such as mold, bacteria, lead, asbestos cysts, chlorine and others. These residues are generally too small to be picked up through the human eye, but are generally present in tap water as a whole. The activated carbon holds back the impurities as the water goes through the chamber, a process that produces refreshingly clean, clear, safe and healthy water for human consumption.

Installation Process

The easy installation procedures are provided through the simple needed steps to install your OWF50 refrigerator water filter. Depending on the type of refrigerator you have, the water filter compartment may be located on the top right hand corner of your fridge.

Installation Instructions

  • Push or pull the latch to open the filter container
  • Easily remove the old filter through turning in a clockwise direction until it is released
  • Take the old filter out of the compartment
  • Take a new filter out of the box
  • Insert into the filter compartment through reversing the process used in removing the old filter and tighten
  • It is advisable to flush about two gallons of water through the new filter before using

Shopping for your UKF8001 Filter

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If the ukf8001 filter is not your model, here is a quick list of our other popular fridge filters:MWF, DA29-00020B, DA29-00003G, 4396710, W10295370 and theADQ36006101filter.

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