One Very Easy and Simple Way to Help Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms!

Have you ever seen a ray of light shine through a room from a distance and notice all the tiny particles floating through the air? Or maybe you’ve been dusting your furniture and as you wipe off your dresser you see the dust go into the air and not on your dust rag. These tiny dust particles mainly come from you and your family as well as outside elements. Some of the particles found in your home’s air are pretty gross like skin cells, dead bugs, animal fur, fibers from clothes and other fabrics, smoking and cooking debris, soil from your shoes and that’s just to name a few.

dirt dirty or dust concept with finger showing home cleaningIf breathing cleaner air is important to you, which it really should be regardless of whether you suffer from allergies or not, there is one very simple thing you can do to help alleviate all those tiny dust particles.

Simply put, change your air filter regularly. Whether you live in a home, apartment or even at the office, every building has a furnace unit that contains an air filter. If you’re not changing your air filter regularly, your filter is likely getting clogged with those particles and not capturing as many as it could.

The result of not replacing your air filter is that you could be breathing in these dust particles. While I’m not here to make any claims that dust particles can negatively affect your health, there are studies out there that suggest these particles have been associated with increased health risks including wheezing, asthma and allergies.

It’s recommended to replace your air filter every 3 months. There are also different types of air filters that will capture smaller or larger particles. Be sure to do some research on the kind of air filters would best suit your needs. For example, discount filters carries a new brand of air filters called AirX Allergy Reduction filter.

It’s a MERV 11 filter that helps to capture particles like dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores. It also removes odors from cooking, smoking, pets or cleaning. It has 14 pleats per foot, which is 25% more media for better airflow and dust loading. And maybe the best of all, it’s made right here in the USA.


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  1. my filter opening is 29-7/8 by 29-7/8. So you would think a 30×30 would fit ok. The last filters I got left a small opening around the filter. trying to make up for that is not easy!!
    my understanding is a normal filter is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch smaller than the size on the filter. I have not had any good fitting filter yet. What would you think I should do to get the best fit I can?
    Jack Moore

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