OEM vs Aftermarket

OEM Vs. Aftermarket: What’s the Difference?

Aftermarket parts are a common question that arises in the mind of the consumer. Most people consider them for expensive car repairs, but aftermarket parts even exist in the world of filters. People consider using aftermarket water filters, furnace filters, and even air filters for the home. What are the differences between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filter and aftermarket filters? These important questions should be addressed. 

First of all, the original equipment manufacturer comes with a brand name attached to it. Some people are attracted to the brand name because they have heard its praises proclaimed on TV commercials and billboards. Ultimately, the brand name is just a name and does not necessarily have any impact on performance. 

Next, original equipment manufacturer filters and aftermarket air filters vary wildly in price. Brand naaftermarket filter, OEM, OEM filter, aftermarket, manufacturer, brand name, is an aftermarket filter as good as a brand name filter, is a generic filter as good as an name brand filterme goods are usually more expensive, whether they’re groceries, car parts, or air filters. A brand name will typically raise the price. Aftermarket filters are cheaper because they don’t carry the cost of coming with a popular brand name.

Finally, while the performance of aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer filters is similar, their material may be slightly different. This is because brand name filters might have a contract with a certain company that provides a rare material or because they are using a material that still has a patent on it. Aftermarket filters usually don’t have this access but still perform the same function.

Original equipment manufacturer filters and aftermarket filters have a number of similarities as well. First of all, they both perform the same function. Air filters, furnace filters, and water filters remove dangerous chemicals. These chemicals can cause respiratory infections, damage skin, and stain valuable surfaces in the home. Use these filters to keep everyone healthy and remove these dangerous contaminants.

Furthermore, both kinds of filters are rated based on the strength of their filtration level. This is called the MERV rating. Make sure to look at the filters to examine just how good the quality of the filter is. The ratings range from 1 to 16 and change based on the percentage of the contaminants the filters remove. This is the most important factor to consider regardless of the type of filter because it will determine how clean the air or water is. 

When it comes to aftermarket filters, they are not necessarily worse than the expensive brand name. In fact, consider the aftermarket air and water filters from Discount Filters. This company has developed an impressive line of affordable water filters that will keep everyone safe and healthy. See what Discount Filters can do for your air and water today!

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