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Odd Smell When You Turn Your Car’s Heat On? Check The Cabin Air Filter

It’s that time of year—the seasons are changing, leaves are turning to autumn colors, and it’s time to start using your car heat in the mornings. It all feels quite idyllic until the air coming out of your air vents smells all wrong. While a burning smell coming from your vents can be a sign of an engine or mechanical problem, a stale or musty smell can indicate that it’s time for a new cabin air filter. That car heater smell at the beginning of each season of use? It could be the car cabin filter. Car cabin air filters are now in nearly every car, you likely have one in yours and it’s a maintenance task that is easy to DIY, but first—cabin air filters for your car or truck

What does a car cabin filter do?

When you think about how many hours we spend behind the wheel each year, through heavy traffic, road construction, and allergy season, it makes a lot of sense that cars are now equipped with cabin air filters. Many people log hundreds of hours a year or more in their cars—that’s a lot of breathing! At Discount Filters, we are all about clean air in all aspects of our lives,  including our drive time with car cabin filters

Car cabin filters improve the air quality in your car by trapping up to 98% of dust, pollen, and other particles. If you’ve noticed that your allergies flare up after riding in the car, it may be time for a cabin air filter change. By trapping air pollutants before they enter the cabin of your car, the air quality is protected and so is your health. Poor air quality is linked to many health problems, from respiratory illness to cardiovascular disease, and more. Cleaner air while you drive is a big step toward better health overall. 

When do I change my car cabin air filter?two cabin air filters in the foreground and a person's hand on a steering wheel in the background

In recent decades cabin air filters have progressed from being a high-end item to a standard component. It is recommended to change your car cabin filter annually, or every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. A cabin air filter that has not been replaced recently will not filter air correctly, leading to possible aggravated allergies and unwanted exposure to air pollution. Improper maintenance of cabin air filters can also lead to car air conditioning problems, including reduced airflow and unfavorable, musty odors.

How do I change my car cabin air filter?

While you can rely on your car mechanic to perform this easy maintenance task, it is also something you can do yourself. The cabin filters are not expensive, and you can skip the markup at the auto shop to save some money. To learn more, watch our Change Your Cabin Air Filter video, and refer to our cabin air filter finder to find the filter for your vehicle. 

Now that you know how to change your car cabin air filter and where to get high-quality replacements for a great price, you’re ready to accomplish this simple car maintenance task. Here’s to having clean car cabin air this season, and saving some money while you’re at it with Discount Filters!

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