Know Your Fridge Filter: NYTTIG-WFL-200

Water coming to your home contains many impurities such as lead, fluorine, cysts, chlorine and turbidity. These pollutants affect the flavor, safety and clarity of the water we drink, leading to health issues.  The discounted NYTTIG-WFL-200 filter can remove these impurities and leave you with great-tasting water. This discount filter reduces many contaminants including pharmaceutical, waterborne, lead, parasites, pesticides, asbestos and industrial chemicals to provide clean drinking water after. The NYTTIG-WFL-200 filter reduces bad taste and odor associated with many chemicals and provides a better treatment to dangerous water.


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When it comes to your home drinking water, you should ensure that you have pure water to keep you re-freshened and hydrated. The NYTTIG-WFL-200 fridge filter makes use of activated carbon filters to remove organic compounds and extract impurities from water to leave the water suitable for use. This filter can remove heavy metals such as lead due to its particular kind of activated carbon water treatment. Its low operating cost makes dechlorination and removal of organic matter be relatively easy. Activated carbon serves as both hydrophobic (hating water) and oleophilic (loving oil) and efficiently absorb impurities and chemicals present in contaminated water.

The Installation Process

  1. At the top-right corner of the refrigerator compartment, locate the water filter.
  2. Lift and open the water cover door to release the filter.
  3. Pull the filter straight out after the door is completely open
  4. Remove the new filter from its packaging and remove the covers.
  5. Locate the arrow pointing up and align the new filter with the filter housing, and then slide it into place.
  6. Close the filter cover door to snap the filter into place.
  7. Flush the water system and follow instruction from the manual to reset the filter status.


Why buy refrigerator water filter

A refrigerator water filter provides a convenient and less expensive alternative to bottled water. Large families that prefer to have a fresh taste of chilled filtered water go for fridge filters due to the savings it has on space. These filters reduce the impurities from water and ice that gets dispensed from your fridge. Their installation is relatively easy without warranting for plumbing alterations. Fridge filters reduces up to 99% of impurities to leave behind the freshest tasting water imaginable. It provides high-quality filtration to help reduce the taste and smell of chlorine and remove impurities found in tap water.

Having your refrigerator water filter provides many advantages over bottled water. The filter reduces the regular buying of bottled water and helps the environment by limiting the presence of plastic wastes. These filters make work easier and convenient and efficiently remove pollutants from water to deliver pure clean water for both drinking and ice. Your will only need to change the water filter after 3-6 months.


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