Niagara Bottled Water Recall Image

Niagara Bottled Water Recall

Recently, Niagara Bottling recalled 14 different brands of bottled water due to an E. coli scare
. Far Away Springs, one of Niagara’s water sources, apparently failed to report the possibility of a positive E. coli test. Thankfully, Niagara immediately recalled all water bottles that could have been affected and ended its relationship with Far Away Springs.

This isn’t the first time that bottled water has been recalled.  There are usually several mid to high-level recalls every year.

BUT, many people still believe the misconception that bottled water is cleaner than tap water. Bottled water and tap water both have regulations and standards to measure up to. Bottled water is regulated by the FDA and tap water is regulated by the EPA. There’s no evidence that points to a true winner in terms of quality or safety.

plastic bottle waste infographic
Plastic Bottle Waste in the USA Infographic

I do understand why people choose bottled water over tap water though. It’s convenient and tastes better than public water sources.

But there’s also the tap water side that you need to look at. Tap water is hundreds of times cheaper than bottled water, and it can certainly taste better if you purchase a water filter for your home. In terms of portability, just buy a reusable bottle or one that even has its own filter to have good tasting water wherever you go.


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