What You Need To Know About 16x24x1 Air Filters

What you need to know about your 16x24x1 air filter

You and your family members spend a huge amount of time in your home. But you might not know that indoor air in many homes is more polluted than outdoor air is. There’s a way to make sure that’s not true In your home. You can transform your indoor environment into an oasis of healthy and clean air by installing high-quality air filters. Here are some key facts you should know about indoor air quality and air filters.

When you install high-quality air filters in your home, everyone residing there receives many compelling benefits. Your air is healthier because of the filters’ ability to reduce allergens such as pet dander, cigarette smoke fumes, mold spores, viruses and bacteria. Quality filters essentially function as air purifiers.

In addition, indoor air smells and feels cleaner and fresher when you have quality hvac filters, also known as ac filters, air conditioner filters and furnace filters, installed in your heating and cooling system. Because of the reduction of dust, items in your home like tables and counters typically have less dust on them. So you might even be able to spend less time and energy cleaning.

Having quality air filters installed gives you more peace of mind in knowing that you are doing something to benefit your family’s health. You can literally and figuratively breath easier when you invest in those filters.

A research study from the University of Louisville in Kentucky provided some revealing and troubling information about indoor air quality. It indicated just how toxic indoor air can be because of a wide range of substances and materials that are harmful for people. For example, the chemicals used in homes can give off fumes that are toxic for breathing and can contribute to asthma symptoms. Boiling water and taking showers produces steam that can contain toxic substances. Fireplaces can produce substances that are toxic for breathing. Mold can be common in homes as a result of water damage and other problems. The mold toxins that result can make people extremely ill.

The toxic combination that often exists in indoor air can lead to serious health problems over time. All of these are powerful reasons to work on making indoor air more healthy, such as by using quality air filters.

16x24x1 air filters for your home are available in several different categories, and those categories relate to how much unwanted material the air filters remove from the air. Those categories, known as MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value ) descriptions, are:

MERV8: This filters out household dust, pet dander and pollen from indoor air. It is better than the low-quality, filmsy filters that so many people use in their homes. It corresponds to our MERV8, Dust filter.

MERV11: This is another level up from the MERV8 filter, as it removes household dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, smog and car fume particles from your indoor air. It corresponds to our MERV11, Allergy filter.

MERV13: Even more powerful than MERV8 and MERV11 at filtering out allergens, this one helps to remove dust mites, dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, other smoke, smog, car fumes, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, pet dander and other allergens from indoor air. It corresponds to our MERV13, Health filter.

Having high-quality filters in your home’s HVAC system just makes sense from a health and comfort standpoint. These filters are beneficial for everyone, whether they have respiratory challenges or not. All of your family members deserve to breathe healthy, clean air. Check out our discount furnace filters today, and start breathing easier about your home’s air quality.

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