5 Common Myths About Air Filters

It doesn’t often cross people’s mind to buy or change their air filter. Many believe that you don’t have to change an air filter to have clean air or that the size of an air filter matters. Yet these are both myths that consumers believe to be true, however this article has the real answers to some of the most common air filter myths.


Myth #1: You don’t have to change your air filter every 3-6 month, this is just a marketing tactic businesses use.

This myth is completely false. It is important to change your air filter at least every six months in order to protect your house from harmful particles and vapors. Many particles such as carbon, radon, dust and more can come into your house and cause health problems. Changing your filter can keep your household safe and healthy.



Myth #2: All air filters are equal.

Air filters come in all shapes and sizes. All houses have different sized vents and all air filters have different ratings. One of the most common filter ratings is MERV (Maximum Efficiency Reporting Value). The higher the MERV rating the more particles the filter traps and protects from getting inside your household. The rating of the air filter and the size matter in order to protect your household or workspace.


Myth #3: Filters can be installed in any direction or way. If the filter fits, then that’s all that matters.

Senior man opening air conditioning filter in ceiling

Filters have a proper way to be installed and can be found in their product description. If a filter is installed incorrectly, it can allow harmful particles to get through. To check how to install your filter, go to our website, discountfilters.com, to find out the correct way to install your air filter.


Myth #4: It doesn’t matter what your home is like, as long as your change your air filter every three months then you are okay.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Your home environment does play a part in how often you should change your air filter. If your home has pets who shed frequently, you will need to change your air filter more often. Hair from animals can build up, causing the filter to not trap harmful contaminants.  You will have to change your filter more often if someone in your household smokes or has severe allergies. Changing the air filter more often can provide cleaner air for everyone to breathe.


Myth #5: Air Filters eliminate all allergy problems in your household.

As much as we all wish this to be true, it’s not. Air filters do not eliminate all allergy problems, however they do reduce the amount of allergens. Changing your air filter every three to six months can help improve the indoor air quality of your house.



Air filters have an important part in preventing households with less allergens and other harmful pollutants. Knowing how your filter can protect your household is tremendously useful. Check out our website, to learn more about the filters you buy and what they offer for you!

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