Giving in to Giving Back on MLK Day

Remember the days when school was out for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? Freedom rang, didn’t it? For about 2/3 of the working  world, however, MLK Day is just another day on the grind. But, that doesn’t mean that the off day is all that we imagine for those lucky few. These days, kids and adults have turned their day off into a day on to give back to the community and environment.

Here are a few very easy, inexpensive ways for you to help an environmental cause:

  1. Plant a flower, a tree, anything (except maybe weeds).
  2. Consider purchasing your own coffee cup. A really cool one, like these.
  3. Ditch the bottled water. Some 90% of bottles used for water don’t get recycled. Ouch. Drink fresh with either a filtered pitcher or through your refrigerator (and don’t forget to change the filter, as always).
  4. Purchase a reusable shopping bag. Because when it come down to it, plastic bags are crap.
  5. Get yourself a charge pack and a few rechargeable batteries and never have to steal from your remote again. Can you imagine?

There are even some easier ways to save without saving a dime:

  1. Recycle. Everything. Glass, plastic, old wire hangers, even cell phones.
  2. Use less napkins. Try to use one less napkin next time you’re hitting up your favorite greasy food spot.
  3. Turn off the lights. If you’re a Twilight fan, I trust that you’ve lived in the dark for a while. If not, get with it. Embrace your inner vampire.
  4. Pay bills online. Never hassle with grumpy office ladies and “please press____ if you wish to ____,” ad nauseam again.
  5. Don’t be wasteful with your food or your unwanted items. Trash to treasure it!

Also, check out our blog about saving on your energy bill this winter and find more ways to help the environment.

Whether you’re at work or at play, or both, give back today and every day. Enjoy your MLK Day, the right way. (Look who’s the poet today)

I have a dream…that one day all water will be fresh and filtered.

I have a dream…that the air we breathe be clean and unharmful.

I have a dream…that we look not at what our environment can do for us, but what we can do for our environment.

I have a dream…that we shop savvy and spend smart.

I have a dream…that every child, every mother and father, every widow and newly wedded, may live purely.

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