MERV 8 Carbon Filter

We don’t often blatantly tout our own products here, but we’ll make an exception for this special case. I’d like to introduce our new MERV 8 carbon furnace filter. Filters made with activated carbon aren’t new, but until recently, the standard was MERV 4. The fact that this new carbon filter has both a higher MERV rating as well as activated carbon means it plays a dual role in your home: filtering your air while also filtering odors.


MERV 4 vs. MERV 8
To start, the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) is a general idea of how many particles the filter is rated to remove from the air. MERV 4 filters capture particles that are greater than 10.0 micrometers. That means that it’s rather ineffective at capturing dust and dirt flying through the air. Usually, you see MERV 4 ratings on disposable fiberglass filters.

MERV 8, on the other hand, captures particles from 3.0 to 10.0 micrometers. As an example, that may include things like cement mix, dog and cat dander, hair spray, etc. While MERV 4 filters are considered practically just placeholders, MERV 8 filters are considered to provide actual protection and filtration.


Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is known for its odor reducing capabilities. In some instances, it can completely remove unwanted scents from specific areas. Heating items with a high carbon composition (coconut shells, wood, coal) in a controlled furnace produces activated carbon. This results in thermal decomposition that “activates” the carbon. The activation creates a series of pores on the surface of the material that are adept at absorbing odor-filled particles.


What All This Means

This is what it boils down to: combining a MERV 8-rated filter with activated carbon means that you’re getting top-notch filtration on your HVAC system as well as a built-in odor neutralizer. These particular filters are made in the United States from materials that are also made in the United States. And yet somehow, even with all that, they’re still more affordable than many other filters on the market.

Isn’t innovation a great thing?

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