Making Water With a Twist Easier Than Ever

Making water with a twist easier than ever_1When you think summer, you think of the warm sun, fun, and, of course, refreshing drinks which led us to our article on Water With a Twist for delicious recipes to mix up your filtered water. We were thinking about ways to make this easier for the busy schedules that we  have to still reap the benefits of clean, uncontaminated water while also the benefits from adding natural fruit, spices and herbs to your water for extra benefits.

We know that mornings are some of the busiest times but we also want this flavored, beneficial water for our day. Our solution is to set aside a few hours and prepare the ingredients you need for the week or weeks ahead and using an ice tray make the fresh ingredients into ice cubes. This makes your morning routine easier because you just add the ice cubes into your water bottle every morning and as the ice melts it will defrost and release the refreshing tasty flavors and benefits of fresh fruits, juices, and herbs.

One of our favorite and most refreshing and beneficial “juice cubes” to make is lemon with cucumber and mint for tea. Follow these easy instructions and adapt them to your favorite flavored water recipes.

“Juice Cubes” Recipe

  1. Juice two lemons, pour lemon juice into ice cube tray till ½ full.
  2. Wash regular sized cucumber and handful of mint leaves.
  3. Cut cucumber into thin slices.
  4. Add a slice into each ice cube slot.
  5. Cut mint leaves from the stem (depending on amount of mint concentration add more or less to each ice cube slot).
  6. Move ice tray to the freezer and let sit for at least 12 hours or until frozen.
  7. Heat up glass of filtered water to desired temp and add frozen ice cube.
  8. Stir until ice cube melts and flavor disperses through the water.
  9. Enjoy the benefits and ease of “juice cubes” and filtered water right from your refrigerator.

Drinking Lemon, Cucumber, Mint Water every morning delivers many benefits to your body. The most notable benefits include: improved digestion, hydration, boosts energy, promotes healthy skin, aids weight loss, freshens breath, reduces mucus and phlegm, and a long list of others that can lead to a healthier you.

You can even make several different types of these flavored cubes and have the ability to easily mix up the flavors and the benefits from the ice cubes. Assuring that you don’t have to worry about what you have fresh on hand or having time to fix the water. Make sure that you always use filtered water from your refrigerator filter to assure the maximum health benefits from your water.

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