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At, we aren’t about standing up on our soap box (or filter box), preaching about things that we don’t practice ourselves. We don’t just offer products that increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of operating your home or business. We use them too.

“When designing our new 68,000 distribution facility, we made use of our own products as well as state-of-the-art products from industry experts in warehouse design.”

CEO, Todd Anthony

Here are some of the ways that is making green strides:

  • We have six independent heating zones with programmable thermostats. This reduces energy consumption up to 25%.
  • Our warehouse ventilation systems from Zoo Fans increase employee comfort, while reducing energy consumption. Not a bad deal.
  • This just in: a multi-focal, pulse start, metal, halide, high bay lighting system (quite the mouthful, we know) from inSync Lighting uses 1/3 of the energy of traditional warehouse lights and covers three times the space. In addition to a better work environment and more accurate order picking, the lighting system qualifies for a rebate from our local REMC.
  • By utilizing VNA (very narrow aisle) lift trucks from Drexel/Landoll, we are able to reduce our warehouse footprint (and its associated costs) by 30%.
  • In addition to purchasing recycled packaging materials whenever possible, our own corrugated bailing system allows us to recycle one full truckload of cardboard every eight weeks.

We believe in what we sell, and that is a bigger payoff than anything we do.  Improvements in efficiency not only save our warehouse money and the environment from wasted energy; they benefit everyone in the long run.

 “The best part is that all our green initiatives offer a significant overall cost reduction that we are then able to pass through to our customers.”

Todd Anthony

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