Maintaining Your Pool Filtration System

Owning a pool in the backyard of your own house is the American Dream, yeah? I know when we installed our pool I felt like I’d finally “arrived.”

But that feeling didn’t last too long.

I realized that I had far more work ahead of me to maintain the cleanliness of our pool. From the leaves that were falling into it from nearby trees, to the general bacteria that enters the water through the air or from my kids.  It was proving to be a lot of work that I wasn’t quite sure how to handle.

What I looked into was filtration, filters, and pool covers. Here’s a look at some options you might want to think about if you’re new to the pool world.


Practical filtration maintenance

Pool filters cuts out harmful bacteria and agents that somehow get into your pool. But you can’t just install a filter and forget about it. While it is collecting all those harmful bacteria and toxins, at some point it will collect so much that it needs to be cleaned so it can continue filtering your pool water.


Types of different filters

There are three main types of filters: sand, diatomaceous earth (DE), and cartridge. Each have their pros and cons. Sand filters—as it sounds—involves a metal container that has sand in it so the water flows through and is cleaned. DE filters use a fine powder to clean the water. And, lastly, cartridge filters allow water to move through a filter surface. Generally, the cartridge filters allow more water to flow through more quickly than other filters.

pool filter


Pool covers and when you should use them

The biggest question is this one: where do you live? If you have a severe fall and a severe winter, then, yes, you’re going to want to invest in a pool cover. But if you don’t experience that, then it’s not completely necessary, in my opinion, to invest in a pool cover. Investing in a pool net, however, is a must. You want one of these no matter what to remove whatever falls into the pool.

It’s important to invest in a comprehensive pool filtration system that includes a clean filter, pool net, pool cover, and don’t forget about having the right pH levels. Be sure to check out all of our pool filtration options at DiscountFilters.com

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