Know Your Fridge Filter: LT700P

Many people get their water from city watersheds, while others use well water or other sources for their water.  Either way, there are thousands of contaminants that can be living within your drinking water.  To remove these contaminants and get clean, refreshing and great tasting water, purchasing a refrigerator water filter will help.  The LT700P is a great discount refrigerator filter. This filter removes impurities such as rust, lead, chlorine, dirt, sediment and more, leaving your household with pure drinking water and ice cubes.

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Filter Process

This is one of the amazing water filters on the market that uses activated carbon to get impurities out of the water.  Itwill catch things like bacteria, fungi, dust, chlorine, arsenic and more so that you don’t drink them.  As the water enters your fridge, it will go through a chamber in the filter where the activated carbon is.  This carbon is incredibly porous which means that the surface area is increased.  The impurities will stick to the surface of the carbon leaving you water that is clean and clear.

How to Install Your Filter

Installation of the LT700P refrigerator filter is something that is easy as pie.  The first thing that you need to do is to find the housing for the filter.  It is generally at the top right corner.

If it has a push tab then:

  1. Push the tab in to open the housing
  2. Take the old filter out by rotating it counterclockwise until it is released
  3. Pull out the old filter
  4. Put the new one in rotating it clockwise, close the housing and you are done.

If your filer housing has a pull tab, simply:

  1. Take off the housing cover by pushing the recessed tab in
  2. Rotate the filter counterclockwise to release it
  3. Pull it straight out and replace it with the new one
  4. Turn the filter clockwise until it is secure and then close the housing

Change the Filter Regularly

Most of the time, you will need to change your fridge filter every 6 months.  If you know that your water source has a great deal of impurities then you may want to change the filter on a more frequent basis.  If you notice that the indicator light is yellow then you might want to go ahead and replace the old filter with a new one.  Also, if you begin to notice that your water is tasting or smelling funny then it is time to change the filter.  If you notice that the water is slower in coming out, then the filter is absolutely clogged up with the contaminants so go ahead and replace it.

The frequency at which you will need to change your water filter will depend on both how often you use it and what the quality of the water is.  If there are a great deal of impurities in your water then you might want to think about changing the filters on a 3 month basis as opposed to every 6 months.  Remember that a filter will not last forever.  Be sure to change it so that you and your family will have that clean water you love and deserve.

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