Know Your Fridge Filter: WSS-2

Do you ever wonder if the water your are drinking is safe? Tap water can contain thousands of harmful contaminants that can cause health effects in the long run. With the purchase of a water filter, you can keep your household health and safe. The WSS-2 is an affordable water filter  that reduces the amount of impurities in your water. You will no longer have to worry about the risks from drinking normal tap water right from your fridge. This Samsung filter can be used as a replacement for multiple filters and can be used in a variety of Samsung refrigerators.

water filtered by ukf8001

Features of the WSS-2 Filter:

  • Discount Fridge Filters are a great value when compared to alternatives that are more expensive
  • Produces water that is pure, clear, and tastes good
  • Reduces chlorine odor and chlorine taste
  • Leaves the good minerals in the water that are healthy to drink
  • Lasts for six months and processes 300 gallons of water

Filter Process

The DA29-00020B replacement filter uses a highly advance technology to provide your household with clean water. Tap water can contain many contaminants such as chlorine, rust, sediment and more than can be harmful to your health. To provide you with safe drinking water, the filter uses the technology is called activated carbon. The activated carbon has a tremendous amount of inner and outer surface area. This allows the filter to work with great capacity to remove particles and contaminants, to create cleaner and better tasting water for drinking and making ice. Particles are broken down in a catalytic way, adsorbed by the carbon material, and held to the carbon surface in a similar way that a magnet holds metals. This filtration results in clean water that tastes fresh and pure.


How to Change a Filter

To install your filter, open the upper right corner of the refrigerator. There will be either a push tab or a pull-tab to use to open the housing in order to change the refrigerator filters.

For a push tab type filter housing:

  1. Open the housing by pushing in the tab
  2. Rotate the filter counterclockwise until it releases to pull it out
  3. Reverse these steps to install the new filter

For a pull-tab type filter housing:

  1. Open the housing by pulling the tab
  2. Rotate the filter counterclockwise until it releases to pull it out
  3. Reverse these steps to install the new filter

Before using the water for drinking or making ice, run at least two gallons of water through the new filter.

Regular Maintenance of the Filtration System is Important

Replace the discount filter every six months or after using it for 300 gallons to make sure that, the filter functions properly. This will avoid any health concerns when an old filter does not remove impurities correctly. Using a new filter will also save energy by working more efficiently. Please see all of our high quality fridge filters that we offer at discounted prices to find the correct one you need for any refrigerator. Remember, in order to have the optimal quality of water, your filter needs to be replaced every 3-6 months.


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