Know Your Fridge Filter: WSS-1

The refrigerator water filter WSS-1 works efficiently to provide your home with clear, clean, and refreshing tasting drinking water. Never again worry about consuming unhealthy or unpleasant tasting water. The WSS-1 water filter will remove unwanted pollutants from your drinking water supply and provide good, clean water to your home and family, crystal-clear ice cubes, and a better-tasting quality of water for use in cooking, drinking and making delicious beverages. This outstanding refrigerator water filter is a low-cost investment in health and comfort that you will never regret making. This top of the line fridge water filter replacement for the DA29-00003G, can replace a wide variety of existing filters.
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The Water Filtering Process

Using a proven filtration process, the WSS-1 employs an activated carbon technology to trap unwanted contaminants in your tap water. Activated carbon is a special formulation of carbon designed to be highly poriferous. This allows the activated carbon to provide very high adsorption properties. Filtration begins when unfiltered water enters the filtration chamber. As the WSS-1 filter is filled with this unfiltered water, the water is pushed through the inner chamber which contains the activated carbon filter. At this point, the carbon material will attract virtually all unwanted particles in your water. Common contaminants which will be removed are; chlorine, lead, cysts, bacteria, asbestos, and mold. All of these substances are captured and retained within the carbon filter allowing clean and clear water to pass through to your receptacle. Then, the filtered water will emerge from the spout ready to drink, to make beverages, or for use in cooking.

How to Install the WSS-1 Filter

The WSS-1 receptacle should be located in the top right-hand corner of your fridge. It will have either a push or pull release mechanism.

If a push tab: it will be on the front of the casing:

  1. Open the casing by pressing the tab inward to release the catch.
  2. Withdraw the filter by turning it to the right until it comes loose.
  3. Then pull out.
  4. Reverse the process to replace the filter.

If your filter has a pull tab, it will be located beneath the front of the casing:

  1. Remove the casing by locating the tab.
  2. To release the latch, pull it forward.
  3. Turn it one 1/4 to the left.
  4. Then pull it directly out.
  5. Reverse this process to replace the filter.

After replacing the filter, flush it with 2 gallons of water before using.

Change Your Water Filter Routinely

Discount water filters can only last an average of six months. Over that time, as water continually passes through your filter, the activated carbon material will slowly fill up with removed contaminates. This eventually renders the carbon ineffective and unable to filter out unwanted materials in the water. A filter that is performing at a sub-standard capacity can cause an increased risk to your health and raise energy expenditure costs. To reduce these risks, simply be sure to change your fridge filter at the scheduled time, at least twice every year. For more information on our inexpensive and high-quality filter replacements, please feel free to browse through our refrigerator filter selection.


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