Know Your Fridge Filter: WSL-3

The WSL-3 refrigerator water filter removes colors, chemicals and tastes from your water in your refrigerator and ice in your icemaker. Clean water from your indoor water supply provides the best tasting ice and water for all of your beverages and cooking pleasures. Fine restaurants use only filtered water as a base for the dishes, so that there are no contaminants in the soups and sauces to change the flavors of a delicious dish. You can have the same great tasting dishes at home by using properly filtered water. This model of water filter fits in a large variety of makes and models of refrigerators.LT700PIcePure RFC1200A

Filtration Process

The WSL-3 fridge filter is scientifically engineered to use activated carbon for removing impurities from your home’s water supply. Activated carbon is processed to increase the amount of porous surface to allow any unwanted particles to be captured in the carbon as a filter. The water enters your refrigerator through the rear and travels into the rear of the filter. As the water moves through the filter, it is cleansed of lead, asbestos, bacteria, mold cysts and chlorine. The particulates of these substances adhere to the carbon and the clean water flows out of the water filter, through the water lines to both your water dispenser and your icemaker. The result is crystal-clear water that tastes great for your family.

Refrigerator Filter Installation

The WSL-3 or the ADQ36006101 discount filter is easy to install and it takes only about one minute to provide clear, clean water. The filter may be in two different locations and the replacement process is slightly different for each area.


If your make and model of refrigerator has the filter in the refrigerator section, replace the filter by:

  1. Open the refrigerator door and press the filter tab in to release the latch. The filter is located on the upper right back wall of your refrigerator.
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise to release it and pull it straight out.
  3. Insert a new WSL-3 refrigerator filter, turn it clockwise until it snaps in place and close the latch.

If your water filter is in the front kick panel:

  1. Remove the water filter cover in the bottom kick panel, if your refrigerator has one.
  2. Grasp the water filter and pull it forward to release the filter housing lock.
  3. Insert the new water filter in the filter housing, then turn the water filter one-quarter turn clockwise.
  4. Replace the kick panel covering if you removed it earlier

When to Change Your Discount Fridge Filters

Water filters containing activated carbon as a filtration device last approximately 6 months with normal water usage in a household. After that time, the carbons begins a deterioration process and it does not adequately clean your water. You can write the date on a calendar to remind you in six months to change your water filter or if you have a sensor in your refrigerator, it will remind you. Sensors are color-coded. A green light means that your filter is working at full capacity. A yellow light means that you should order another filter, because the filter is starting to breakdown. A red light signifies that you need to change your filter immediately, because it is no longer filtering your water.

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