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WSG-1: Know Your Fridge Filter

ge mwf replacementThe GE MWF refrigerator water filter is a popular filter model that comes standard in many different big brand refrigerators. It is excellent at filtration, but, the only problem is replacing it. Many people either end up buying the same OEM model and spend a fortune, or they just don’t replace it and stick to drinking bottled water. What many people don’t know is that there are aftermarket or generic versions available for a fraction of the cost. One such filter is the WSG-1. It is designed to replace the MWF filter and possesses comparable quality. The WSG-1 is available on and will be shipped to you for free!

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How do refrigerator water filters work?

Well the WSG-1 and most modern fridge filters possess a substance called activated carbon. Activated carbon is engineered from regular carbon specifically for filtration purposes. Its surface is made of millions of tiny pores. These pores are what the water filters through. Due to the activated carbon’s unique properties, impurities in your tap water are attracted to its surface. Impurities in tap water can range from chlorine to mold.

This filtering process is known as adsorption. Don’t get it confused with absorption though. The carbon allows the water to push through its surface while any foreign particles remain trapped and are effectively filtered out of the water. This process only takes a few seconds every time you dispense water from your fridge and results in clear, tasty drinking water every time.

How do you install a refrigerator water filter?

Installing a water filter is fairly easy and should only take a few minute (no tools required).

Just follow the steps below or watch our handy installation video below.

The filter will be located in the back of the inside of your fridge in the top right corner. Always turn off your ice maker and saturate the new filter with water before performing an installation.

1. Grasp and turn the old filter 1/2 turn to the left to unlock it.

2. Slide it straight down to remove.

3. After saturating the new filter, place it up into the cartridge.

4. Without letting go, turn it 1/2 to the right and it should lock in place.

5. Flush out approximately 5 gallons of water through your dispenser to prepare the filter for use.

6. Turn the ice maker back on and enjoy!

Flushing your new filter is important in order to properly prepare it for filtration. Sometimes when filters are jostled around during shipping tiny bits of the carbon can break loose. Flushing helps to remove these bits from the filter so that they don’t appear in the first few glasses of water.

Why do I need to replace my fridge filters?

As great as water filters are at supplying your home with cheap, filtered water, they do not last forever. The WSG-1 has a recommended lifetime of 6 months which is the standard. After continuous use, the carbon in the filter begins to degrade and becomes less effective as a filter. When your water starts to taste, smell, or look different, or dispenses slower than usual, you’ll know it’s time to replace.

To find out if the WSG-1 filter is right for your fridge, use our handy dandy filter finder on

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