know your fridge filter wf51 a ukf8001 replacement

Know Your Fridge Filter: WF51

The WF51 fridge filter is a popular, widely used filter that fits a variety of models. The UKF8001 fridge filter is an exact match to the WF51; the two are interchangeable in a variety of Amana, Maytag, and other fridge models.

glass of UKF8001 filtered waterMany homeowners are reluctant to replace the water filter in their fridge due to cost or inconvenience, but replacing the filter as scheduled provides several benefits to the homeowner: A clean and well maintained water filtration system removes impurities from drinking water, minimizes lime scale buildup from hard water, improves the taste of drinking water, and saves money over bottled water. When the filter is not replaced per manufacturer’s recommendations, the taste of the chilled water becomes stale. Even worse is that when a water filter has not been changed in a long time – far past manufacturer’s recommendations – it can spill debris into your ice or water.


Changing your water filter is a simple and quick process. While the process is similar for most models, you can learn how to change the filter in your refrigerator by referencing the owner’s manual. Some refrigerators may show step by step instructions near the filter or on the box of the replacement filter.

  1. Unlatch the filter housing by pushing a button or pulling a recessed tab.
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise to unlock it.
  3. Pull the filter straight out to remove.
  4. Insert the new filter.
  5. Rotate it clockwise to lock the filter in place.
  6. Close the filter housing.

How often should you change your WF51 water filter? A best practice guideline is at least every six months to maintain maximum filtering performance and taste. Your water filter is not a daily, weekly, or monthly expense – it only needs your attention twice a year. Furthermore, the WF51 doesn’t have to be expensive. It can either be replaced with a generic, universal water filter such as the ufk8001 fridge filter or purchased at a discount.


You may wonder how the WF51 works; it’s really quite simple! The WF51 works by forcing tap water through activated carbon within the water filter. Activated carbon attracts impurities and draws them from the water. However, like most filters, it can only remove so many impurities before it becomes encumbered and ceases to filter effectively.

The WF51 is a versatile filter; it replaces the Maytag UKF8001; the Kenmore 49006, 46992, and UKF8001P; and the Amana UKF8001AXX. This filter is compatible with dozens of Maytag, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, Viking, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, and Amana refrigerator models, making it a great filter to have on hand. Having a backup filter or two in the pantry allows for immediate remediation following stale tasting water, debris in your ice or water, or a filter-change reminder from your refrigerator.


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