ukf8001 replacement filter: wf50

Know Your Fridge Filter: WF50

dirty water and ukf8001 filtered waterOne of the goals of is to get clean, better tasting tap water to everyone by offering our customers refrigerator filters that they can afford.  The problem with OEM filters is that they can be expensive, even if there’s no reason for that other than the brand name.  That’s why we sell aftermarket filters.  Don’t worry, they are just as good as the higher-priced brand names because we heavily test and hold high standards for all of the products we sell.  One popular OEM filter model is the UKF8001.  The WF50 is an aftermarket filter designed to replace the UKF8001.  You won’t go back to drinking bottled water or ordering OEM filters after ordering the WF50 refrigerator water filter.


So How Does it Work?

UKF8001 Water Filter diagram

The key behind some of the best fridge filters in the business is activated carbon.  Activated carbon is a specially engineered form of carbon that is designed to have a larger surface area.  Activated carbon’s surface is made up of millions of tiny pores, making it great at filtering, or adsorbing.  Adsorption is different from absorption.  Absorption is when everything, water and impurities, are soaked up and adhere to the surface (like a sponge).  Activated carbon allows the water to pass through, and only soaks up the impurities.

The process happens in a matter of seconds every time you get water from your fridge’s dispenser.  As the diagram on the right illustrates, water is fed into the top of the filter and pushed into the chamber that contains a block of activated carbon.  The unfiltered tap water enters one side of the block and leaves clean on the other side.  Examples of impurities that can be trapped in the block are chlorine, bacteria, and mold.


Installing Your New Filter

Installing your WF50 fridge filter is about the easiest chore you’ll have to do. This type of filter will be located in the upper right hand corner of the refrigerator. From there you’ll either see a tab on the front of the filter housing or on the bottom.

Located in front: PUSH IN TO RELEASE COVER


The housing should drop down and expose the old filter. Regardless of the release type, the steps are the same from here on out.

1. Rotate the filter counterclockwise until it unlocks.

2. Pull the filter straight out to remove.

3. Simply reverse the steps (and rotation direction) to install the new filter.

4. Always flush new filters for approximately 5 minutes before using.


 Changing the WF50 Filter

It’s important to remember that filters do not last forever. As good of a job that the carbon does early in its life, eventually all of those filtered out impurities will add up. The carbon block will eventually begin to degrade and filter out less substances. This results in a lower quality of water and possible maintenance issues if it’s not replaced soon enough. We recommend swapping out filters every six months, at the least.

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