WF295 UKF8001 replacement filter guide

Know Your Fridge Filter: WF295

clearchoice ukf8001 replacement filterEver wonder if your water is really clean?  It travels from a water source to a treatment plant to your home, all while moving through pipes.  As well as the water treatment plants disinfect the water and remove pathogens, its bound to contain some particles that you don’t want to drink.  Some examples of particles that can make their way into your water are mold, chlorine, and bacteria.  But the WF295 refrigerator water filter is the perfect filtration solution for your home.  Don’t waste money on bottled water ever again, instead, drink clean, filtered tap water.

The WF295 fridge filter is a replacement for the UKF8001 filter.  This filter is designed to fit into a number of popular fridge brands and models.  While possessing a high-quality, scientifically-tested filtration process, it’s available for a much lower price than the name brands.

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To install your new WF295 water filter, first locate it in the upper right hand corner of your fridge.  From there, the filter housing will have one of two release types:

Pull Release: tab located on bottom of housing, simply pull towards you to unlock

Push Release: button located on front of housing, push button in to unlock

1. The filter housing should open up and expose the filter after performing the release.

2. Twist the old filter counterclockwise to free it from the housing.

3. Pull straight out to remove old filter.

4. Reverse the above steps to install your new filter and close the housing.


As mentioned earlier, the filtration process has been tested heavily to ensure that the best tasting water is the result.  The key to this process is a specially engineered form of carbon, called activated carbon.  This substance is designed specifically for the purpose of filtering impurities.  The act of filtering out impurities is called adsorption.  Where absorption soaks in the liquid along with any other particles, adsorption allows the liquid to pass through and only traps foreign particles.  So every time you push the button on your fridge, water from your home’s supply is pushed into an inner chamber of the filter containing the activated carbon.  The water makes its way through the carbon while impurities are trapped within pores on the activated carbon’s surface.  Filtered and clean water comes out on the other side an into your cup.  This all happens within a matter of a few seconds.

Filter Change Reminder

So you’ve installed your WF295 fridge filter, used it for months, and have been very satisfied with the water.  What’s next? After enough uses, the activated carbon starts to degrade and loses its filtering abilities.  This results in lower-quality, and worse tasting water.  Here are a few cues that let you know when your filter needs to be changed.  As great as filters are, they do not last forever, which is why we recommend changing them a minimum of two times per year.  This ensures that your family is always supplied with only the best water.  We make it easy by sending friendly filter change reminders to your email whenever it’s time to replace your old one.

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