Know Your Fridge Filter: WF289

The WF289 is a discount filter for many existing refrigerator water filters. It was made to fit neatly into refrigerators made by Kenmore, Samsung, and many other common refrigerators brands. The WF289 filter ensures that your water will be fresh, clean, and great tasting. The filter component, which contains the activated carbon filter, is specially formulated to remove most of the contaminants and particles that you do not want in your drinking water. This water filter traps unpleasant tasting substances, distasteful odors and most other unwanted materials. Don’t settle for drinking sub-standard, bad tasting unfiltered water that may be bad for your health. The  WF289 is a replacement for the DA29-00003G filter, which are found in a wide variety of refrigerator models. All of these filters should be replaced twice each year.

The Filtration Process

As the unit draws water through the line, your drinking water supply enters the filter and is passed through the activated carbon filter. It is at this point that the contaminants are drawn from the water to be caught and held firm by the carbon component. The extremely porous material traps unwanted particles and allows the water to pass through clean, clear and safe to drink.


WF289 Refrigerator Water Filter Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove the filter to be replaced by firmly gripping and turning counter clockwise a single one-quarter turn.
  2. Apply the included install-date sticker to a well visible part of the cartridge to serve as a reminder of when to replace it – 6 months later. The remove red seal cap.
  3. Align the unlabeled side of the new filter with the indicator mark so that it can be easily installed in the filter cover.
  4. Rotate the new cartridge one-quarter turn clockwise to secure it in place – you will then feel a firm stopping point and the lock indicator symbol will now be lined up with the indicator mark.
  5. Run water through the new filter for 5 minutes in order to purge the carbon component of packing debris.
  6. Depress and hold the ice selector and the child safety lock button at the same time in order to reset the filter indicator if your refrigerator is so equipped.

Remember to change your filters every 3 to 6 months for optimal performance!


Water Filter Certification

The WF289 and other DA29-0003G filters are highly efficient filters, capable of removing unwanted impurities from your drinking water. This filter replacement has been well tested and fully certified to meet the strict NSF Standard 42, as well as Standard 53. This means it has been proven to remove not just chlorine but other pollutants as well. These aftermarket discount fridge filters have most if not all, of the same features as factory standard filters, but it comes at a much lower price. It was manufactured using an ecologically friendly process. Don’t be fooled by the low price, it is equally effective at purifying water as the factory standard models. The main difference between the standard models and these aftermarket filters is the reduced price.



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