4396508 replacement: wf285

Know Your Fridge Filter: WF285

The WF285 water filter replaces the popular Whirlpool 4396508 filter. This fridge filter removes impurities from your water and improves taste. The WF285 is an inexpensive, aftermarket filter with a scientifically-tested filtration process. Supply your home with clean water at a fraction of the cost of the name brand filter. The WF285 is designed to fit into a variety of fridge brands and models, such as: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Amana, and Thermador. Never worry about drinking dirty tap water again.


You don’t have to worry about a tricky installation or calling for help. If you follow the steps below, installation shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

1. Turn off your ice maker.

2. Locate your filter at the bottom of the fridge grille.

3. The filter will unlock by twisting the cap counterclockwise.

4. Pull the filter straight out.

5. Slide off the grille cap and place it on the new filter.

6. Insert your new filter into the grille with the cap in a vertical position.

7. Lock the new filter by rotating the cap 1/4 clockwise.

8. Flush water for approximately 5 minutes.

9. Turn ice maker back on and enjoy!

Remember it’s always important to flush out your new filter after installation. During shipping, it’s possible for small bits of carbon to break off into the filter. So for the first few gallons of water, the water can be cloudy. Once all of this is completed, you can enjoy clean, better tasting water at your leisure.

Filtration Process4396508 Filter Diagram

So how exactly does the WF285 refrigerator water filter work? Adsorption is the technical process of filtration. Absorption (like sponges) consists of soaking in a liquid and everything along with it, and holding it. Adsorption allows the liquid to pass through, but holds just the impurities and bigger particles.

Activated carbon is the substance used in most fridge filters. It is a specially-engineered form of carbon that consists of millions of pores. This creates a large surface area and a high holding capacity for particles. Every time water enters your filter, it is pushed into the carbon block. Water seeps through the block while impurities become attracted to the surface of the activated carbon. All of this occurs in just a few seconds and results in crystal clear water every time.

The main impurity in most tap water is chlorine. Your local water purification plant uses chlorine to disinfect the public water supply. This is essential in eliminating waterborne pathogens and illnesses. By the time the water reaches your home, the amount of chlorine is incredibly small and harmless. But, it still doesn’t taste that great, creating that “tap water taste” that most people don’t like. But with the WF285, your tap water will taste just like bottled water but at a fraction of the cost.

routine 4396508 fridge filter change reminderFilter Replacement

It’s important to remember that filters do not last forever. The WF285 is a 6-month filter. So, to ensure your home is always supplied with clean water, we recommend changing your filter at least twice per year. After continual use, the carbon block within the filter will begin to degrade. This results in a lower quality of water.

To find out if the WF285 is right for your fridge, use our handy dandy filter finder!

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