Know Your Fridge Filter: W10291030

When it’s hot and sunny out, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a tall glass of cool water. Water is essential to life and good health. It is a cornerstone of modern healthy living as more than 60% of our infrastructure and labor goes to maintaining systems that deliver our water to us. But, inevitably, often hundreds of miles of piping and underground tunnels lay between the source of our drinking water and the tap water. Furthermore, dangerous substances can enter the tap water causing damage to your health and make your water unpleasant to drink. 

The W10291030 water filter is an aftermarket replacement for the standard W10295370 water filter that is compatible with a wide variety of refrigerators. With the W10291030 filter working to improve your drinking water so you’ll never again have to worry about bad tasting or contaminated water making its way into your glass. 

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How does the W10291030 filter work?

It’s quite straightforward actually. Utilizing a scientifically proven filtration process, potentially harmful particles in your water supply are carefully picked up by the carbon, and clean water is the final product. This is done by utilizing activated carbon. activated carbon is a to an extremely permeable type of carbon that has powerful molecule catching qualities. Inside the W10291030 refrigerator filter, there is an internal chamber loaded with this contaminant catching substance. 

This method of creating clean water starts when water enters the filter through your faucet water supply. This water is then pushed through the filter where it comes into contact with the activated carbon inside. The permeable carbon then catches undesirable substances in your water supply, for example, mold, microbes, asbestos, cysts, lead, and chlorine. These outside materials are held in the carbon and clean water comes out of the filter. This procedure is complete in a matter of seconds, giving you clear, better-tasting water accessible at all times. 

How to Install Your Filter 

Installing your W10291030 refrigerator water filter is easy, and takes only a few minutes. The W10291030 filter can come in two sorts of lodging; push or pull release. 

If yours is the push tab type, the tab will be located toward the front end of the filter housing:

1. Push the tab in to open the lodging. 

2. Turn the filter counterclockwise until it comes free. 

3. Pull the filter out directly. 

4. Reverse the procedure to install your next filter. 

If your filter is is a draw tab model, it will be recessed on the front’s underside of the housing: 

1. Pull the recessed tab forward to release the seal. 

2. Turn the filter one-quarter counterclockwise. 

3. Pull the filter out directly.

4. Reverse the procedure to install your next filter. 

After your filter is safely installed, flush the filter by running 2 gallons of water through the filter before utilization.

Be sure to replace your water filter every six months, to receive clean and healthier drinking water.

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